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ThinkWill's self-developed LTE Cat.1 module is optimized by system design, with low power consumption, multiple built-in network protocols, and different frequency bands available. This LTE Cat.1 module features high integration, which is a preferred replacement solution for 2G or 3G modules, suitable for cost-sensitive application scenarios with low to medium bandwidth for data collection and transmission.

Relying on research and development experience in wireless communication since 2008, ThinkWill has a leading edge in 4G/5G network technology, RF Technology, wireless technology, etc. While strong capacity in production and delivery, ThinkWill also guarantees efficient signal transmission and reception under different frequency bands and distinct network protocols to ensure module performance and reliability.

High Efficient LTE Cat 1 Module

lte cat 1 module

LTE Cat 1 Module Benefits

A high-cost performance standardized LTE cat1 module is best for machine-to-machine and industrial IoT applications.
With a uplink of 5Mbps and downlink of 10Mbps, the low-cost LTE cat1 module offers future long-term solutions that will still rely on the 4G network but are not dependent on speed.

Available under two classifications:

MC22 LTE Cat 1 Data Communication Module
With a built-in e Sim, this is an economical communication LTE cat 1 module that comes in the mini size ideal for FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE/GSM network standards.
It is a high-efficiency LTE module that is the perfect replacement for the application scenarios of GSM communication modules, developed to meet communication requirements in various application situations, greatly streamlining the development work of downstream application providers.

lte cat 1 module

MC21 IoT Smart Cat 1 Module

This is a wireless smart communication module that is LTE-TDD / LTE-FDD / GSM network standards enabled, a low-cost and high-cost performance Machine-to-Machine (M2M) IoT applications LTE module designed at a small Size of 32mm * 29mm * 2.6mm. Designed with an LCC + LGA package, the MC21 IoT Smart Cat 1 Module provides excellent network performance, great reliability, secure coverage, and ideal cost performance.

lte cat 1 module

Applications of LTE Cat 1 Module

LTE Cat 1 module offers a variety of solutions from efficient connectivity with lower power consumption and improved cost efficiency.
It is a machine-to-machine IoT application with various applications and technology solutions such as healthcare IoT, point-of-sale systems, and dash cams.


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