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ThinkWill pocketable, battery-powered MiFi hotspot router integrates 4G-to-WiFi mobility by creating a wireless broadband hotspot and allowing mobile devices to access the internet. The ultimate appearance design and high stability performance ensures a fast broadband network wherever cellular service is available. This MiFi hotspot router will escort high-speed IoT industry applications and support streaming HD videos, downloading large files quickly, and playing online games without lags or slowdowns.

Also, ThinkWill supports personalization and customization for global telecom operators with branded UI design and selected frequency bands. ThinkWill welcomes flexible OEM ODM cooperation on 4G MiFi hotspot routers and 5G MiFi hotspot routers as a professional manufacturer of LTE routers.


What Is Mobile WiFi Router?

The mobile WiFi router is a portable hotspot router that converts cellular signals (3G, 4G, LTE, 5G) to an Internet connection using a SIM card inside instead and powered by a rechargeable battery. The mobile WiFi router creates local, safe, and private WiFi connectivity enabling multiple smart devices to connect to the network.

How Mobile WiFi Router Works?

Mobile WiFi Router transforms 4G LTE or 5G wireless signal into a high-speed local WiFi signal to IoT terminals or smart devices. So together with a mobile WiFi router, users also need a cellular data contract from a local wireless operator. Instead of wired or cable, this portable hotspot router is wireless and movable anywhere with a built-in lithium battery as the power supply.

Mobile WiFi Router with SIM Card Slot

MF21 4G LTE Mobile MiFi Router Device
MF50 5G Mobile MiFi Router Device

As an experienced mobile WiFi router manufacturer, ThinkWill can integrate multi-technology fusion application development such as wireless communication, built-in eSIM, multi-mode positioning, and WiFi. We welcome cellular frequency band/UI customization for global wireless operators.


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