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Power PCBA


Power PCBA is the basic unit of power processing and is the most important component of IoT module product components in product application implementation. Power PCBA also has certain power management functions to ensure the life, operation speed, reliability, and stability of the application end product products. Therefore, the circuit design quality of Power PCBA is an important component of the overall quality of the end-use product, and even the most direct determinant.


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What are the unique advantages of the BPM series Power board?

ThinkWill mainly promotes BPM series power boards, which mainly support ThinkWill BVE series IOT module applications. It can be applied to a variety of industry scenarios and application requirements and ensure rapid product implementation.

What kind of performance does the BPM series Power board have?

Among them, BPM01 is a conventional version of a Power board, its input voltage is 12V/1A and 5V/2A, charging management function for 3.7V 18650 battery pack, and also has the function of synchronous boost output 5V/2A to meet the user's product accessory needs. The BPM02 is also compatible with solar power board (6V, 9V, 12V, 18V, 24V optional) and power adapter (5V) input, and has the function of fast charging for external mobile devices (such as cell phones, pads, MIFI, etc.).

What kind of technical support and services can ThinkWill provide?

As an IoT module supplier with 14 years of technical precipitation, ThinkWill's products support custom development, which can realize customer needs and ensure rapid product implementation; ThinkWill can provide preliminary solution design services, system-level performance optimization, and product certification support, as well as system-level optimization services for real-world applications. ThinkWill also supports global volume shipping. Our supply chain is a fully inspected automated production process that meets industry standard testing specifications and is capable of achieving fast delivery requirements of 1-30 days.


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