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ThinkWill independently develops 4G and 5G MBB devices, namely portable routers such as CPE, MiFi, and UFi, to offer WiFi solutions. These WiFi access points have been reputed by domestic and foreign communication operators and telecommunications equipment vendors with innovative designs and high-stability performance. ThinkWill has become the core supplier of global wireless communication equipment.

ThinkWill actively pays attention to market development and trends, continuously launchs innovative portable LTE routers to keep improving our own competitiveness and attracting market opportunities, and provides diversified and personalized customized solutions for global communication operators and telecommunications equipment vendors. Simultaneously, the prompt delivery time can be guaranteed within 1-30 days.


What Is A Pocket Router?

A pocket router is a small box that can transmit private Wi-Fi via a wireless cellular signal. Unlike conventional wall-fixed home Wi-Fi routers, this portable router has one SIM card or more inserted to provide an Internet connection without limitation on the fixed fiber cable. And the mini-sized pocket router can take anywhere and anytime.

How Does A Pocket Router Work

The pocket router runs on using a SIM card which means a 3G, 4G, or 5G cellular connection instead of being tied to a phone or fiber cable. Moreover, some pocket routers remove the mains socket constraint through a rechargeable lithium battery configuration, representing a portable router for electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, and game consoles on the go.

Portable Router with Ethernet Port

ThinkWill also designs a range of pocket routers (namely, the CPE wireless devices) with Ethernet ports for greater connectivity options:
TC20 4G CPE with 1* RJ45;
CE10x LTE CPE with 1* RJ45 / RJ11 Port;
CE120 LTE Router with 4* RJ45 Ports;
CE42A 4G LTE CPE Router with 4* RJ45 Ports;
Through an RJ45 port, the portable router can link to an Ethernet cable provided by public networks such as hotels and office buildings to offer Internet accessibility.

Pocket Router VS Mobile Hotspot (ThinkWill)

WiFi Speed
Pocket router typically with 2.4GHz 300Mbps WiFi or more 2.4GHz/5.8GHz;
Mobile hotspots typically with 2.4GHz 150Mbps WiFi.

Pocket router commonly with internal/external LTE antenna;
Mobile hotspots commonly with internal LTE antenna.

Concurrent Device
Pocket router commonly enables thirty-two devices or sixty-four on Cat.6;
Mobile hotspot commonly enables eight devices at most.

Rechargeable Battery
Pocket router for optional customization;
Mobile hotspot by default.


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