What is a 4G MiFi Device

ThinkWill 4G MiFi Device


What is a 4G MiFi Device

A 4G MiFi device is a portable, battery-powered wireless portable WiFi hotspot based on a cellular signal (i.e. mobile phone networks) to create a wireless broadband hotspot, allowing smart electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to connect the stable Wi-Fi and conveniently access the Internet.


Usually, ThinkWill 4G MiFi device can comfortably support up to 32 concurrent devices connected with a cat.4 data transmission rate of maximal 150Mbps in the download and maximum 50Mbps in the upload. This portable WiFi hotspot is a fresh new choice for flexible, portable, adjustable, secure, and private wireless Internet connection compared to less secure public Wi-Fi connection.


How does 4G MiFi Device Work

4G MiFi device works similarly to an office wireless router, but instead of an optical fiber connection, this portable WiFi hotspot does need a SIM card and a data plan from a communication operator to work through. By converting 4G LTE cellular signals to Wi-Fi connectivity, the 4G MiFi device creates a private LAN (Local Area Network) to provide a hotspot allowing more than one smart electronic device (maximum 32 devices or higher to 64) to access the Internet simultaneously.


What’s more, the 4G MiFi device is incredibly simple to frame. Insert the SIM card provided by a local operator, then turn on the 4G MiFi device waiting for its signal detection. The process will not take very long depending on the coverage of the local cellular signal. Also, there is no need for additional software installation. Plug-and-play is one of portable WiFi hotspots’ biggest selling points.


Power supply by a rechargeable lithium battery with working hours from 5 to 20 hours on a single charge, 4G MiFi device is highly portable to move anywhere without worrying about electricity. Whenever there is an LTE signal, there is a Wi-Fi connection converted by a 4G MiFi device.


Benefits of 4G MiFi Device

Local Area Internet Connectivity

Create a fast WiFi connection anywhere based on cellular signal coverage for internet-enabled devices, such as laptops, smartphones, cameras, game consoles, smart TVs, and tablets. Furthermore, with the new era of 5G mobile technology, the ultramodern 5G MiFi device comes with multi-Gbps peak data speeds to faster stream HD videos, go through large data, and play online games with ultra-low latency.


More Than One Operator Option

The SIM card can be replaced for worldwide communication operators depending on the embedded frequency bands of the 4G MiFi device. This flexibility can give end-users better cost control and an exactly uninterrupted network connection which is much more convenient for them on the go. By the way, ThinkWill advanced 4G MiFi device configures 2 ESIM cards and 1 USIM card slot for possible diverse carrier options.


Multiple Devices Connection

A standard portable WiFi hotspot can connect up to 32 laptops, cell phones, and iPads to the wireless broadband hotspot it creates. The advanced one can maximize to 64 devices at the same time.


No Extra Software

A portable WiFi hotspot has abundant built-in standard protocols and comprehensive routing capabilities. In addition, there is no extra third-party software or application to download for a 4G MiFi device connection.


Easy Operation

Make sure the 4G MiFi device gets charged before working. Plug in the SIM card then press the power button. It’s much quicker and easier than many home broadband installations.


Rechargeable Battery

4G MiFi devices are battery-powered with 6~8 working hours, indicating the portable WiFi hotspot can be used outside without electricity even in remote areas. It is not limited to a fixed mains socket.


Enhanced Security

4G MiFi device has better encryption than most public wireless access since it is private, personalized, and customized, avoiding potential cyberattacks.



Compact and lightweight, pocket-size, easy to carry in a pocket, backpack, or purse without any issues; plug-and-play, portable to use; moveable wherever.


VS Wi-Fi

In short, Wi-Fi is a wireless technology, whereas a 4G MiFi device is a wireless mobile broadband hotspot.


Wikipedia defines “WiFi is a family of wireless network protocols, based on the IEEE 802.11 family of standards, which are commonly used for local area networking of devices and Internet access, allowing nearby digital devices to exchange data by radio waves.And WiFi uses radio waves on frequencies 2.4GHz or 5GHz for signals to allow smart Internet-enabled devices to talk to each other via the Internet from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is a fundamental wireless networking standard and technological specification.


4G MiFi device also has built-in WiFi specification based on IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards to frame a local area network via cellular signal conversion. It is hardware to broadcast WiFi signals.


VS Mobile 4G LTE Modem

Mobile 4G LTE modem, also known as 4G wireless router with SIM card slot or 4G LTE CPE, is a little more fixed since it is somewhat bigger compared to a 4G MiFi device, and the great majority is powered by a mains socket rather than a rechargeable battery. But usually, a mobile 4G LTE modem configures 300Mbps Wi-Fi compared to a 4G MiFi device 150Mbps, ensuring stronger wireless access support and connectivity performance.


VS 4G LTE UFi Dongle

Generally speaking, a 4G LTE UFi dongle is a preferred choice for laptop/computer users to connect to the Internet by directly plugging the UFi Dongle into a universal USB port. No extra power supply or setup is needed. However, the 4G LTE UFi dongle is limited to support a max of 8 devices at a time through a USB interface connection as a power source.

Also, ThinkWill has designed a 4G LTE UFi Dongle supporting inserted microSD card to drive up its storage space by acting as a portable USB drive.


Advantages of Mobile Broadband

The above devices such as the 4G MiFi device, mobile 4G LTE modem, and 4G LTE UFi dongle function successfully based on the mobile broadband. But why there are so many devices coming out along with the development of mobile broadband?


  • More options on data contracts. Plentiful data plans are offered by local operators to change or cancel monthly, more flexible compared to fixed line broadband charged by year.
  • Lower consumable fees. No additional installation facilities such as new lines, network cables, and power sockets are necessary for deployment.
  • A backup alternative. For some rural areas with poor fixed broadband coverage, mobile broadband is a reliable way to get a faster, more consistent Internet connection.



To sum up, the 4G MiFi device is undoubtedly worthy of portable wireless connection and actually, the market demand accelerates its development. As a one-stop solution provider for IoT and communication industry, ThinkWill offers tailor-made spectrum, UI, and appearance customization services for 4G MiFi devices to global communication operators. Welcome to inquire.



Cindy Chan, Wireless Communication Marketing, ThinkWill
ThinkWill is the provider of wireless communication modules, IoT router modules, IoT mobile broadband devices, and IoT comprehensive solutions that enable wireless connections of any scale.


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