Why Should You Want to Choose Portable WiFi Router?

With the popularity of home CPE and home wireless WiFi routers, consumers always have a network which mobile wireless broadband or WiFi in the home, office, and public places. Our smartphones, pad, laptop, and other devices switch senselessly between mobile broadband and wifi (or LAN/WAN, optical fiber), make us access to the Internet uninterrupted, more freedom, and do not worry about insufficient traffic and costs.


However, when we are outdoors, we are always worried about the lack of mobile phone traffic and how other devices such as pads, laptops, and other devices can connect to the Internet. ThinkWill newly launched MIFI, UFI series the portable WiFi router, to a certain extent, greatly meeting the freedom of people to access the Internet in the outdoor moving.


What kind of surprises does the “black-technology” portable WiFi router bring us?


The Working Model of Indoor CPE And Indoor Wireless WiFi Router



Indoor CPE is a mobile signal access device that realizes the mutual conversion between cellular broadband and WiFi/LAN. CPE is widely used for wireless broadband access in rural areas, towns, hospitals, units, factories, and communities, and can save the cost of laying wire-LAN and optical fiber.


Wireless WiFi router enables AP hotspot sharing and allows multiple devices to access at the same time. A Wireless WiFi router not only has all the features of a simple wireless AP such as DHCP client support, VPN support, firewall, etc. but also includes Network Address Translation (NAT) feature to support LAN users’ network connection sharing. Wireless WiFi routers can be directly connected to all Ethernet-connected ADSL MODEM or CABLE MODEM, and can also be re-connected through the wireless broadband router and other LAN methods when in use.


The Highlights And Advantages of Portable WiFi Router



The 4G LTE portable WiFi router is easy to use and can be carried with you wherever you go. Capable of working with its battery or USB power, the main advantage of this device is its mobility, allowing more devices such as smartphones, pads, and laptops to connect to the Internet via WiFi while on the moving and outdoors.

In particular, the ThinkWill MF2x/UF2x series portable WiFi router also has a built-in battery that allows it to provide a stable wireless broadband data connection and be on standby for longer.


ThinkWill MF2x/UF2x series portable WiFi router not only provides individuals with more convenient and faster wireless broadband access but also has the following advantages.

  1. Keep your home network connected without pulling wires or fiber optics and without asking for help: The portable WiFi router provides plug-and-play convenient wireless Internet that can also be taken with you traveling outdoors. The portable WiFi router gives you exclusive access to your wireless broadband wherever you are.
  2. Provide you with additional WIFI access points: The portable WiFi router provides portable access hot points that can be shared with laptops, phones, or other devices in its surrounding space.
  3. Protect your data security: The portable WiFi router provides you with an advanced secure connection, you can set access rights to ensure private traffic cannot be hacked or stolen without your permission, and your data is protected by a firewall.
  4. The portable WiFi router can provide cheaper and flexible traffic and tariffs for smartphones, laptops, pads, and other end terminal devices to access the 4G LTE wireless broadband.



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