Comprehensive Solution

ThinkWill has the capability to transform into an IoT solution supplier from an isolated IoT module/router manufacturer given years of wireless communication, hardware, software, and program experience. We intend to assist downstream customers in predigesting their ultimate IoT application since an IoT solution typically comes with a seamlessly integrated combination of technologies, which will increase the difficulty of application development and prolong its period.

So far, ThinkWill has successfully launched IoT solutions examples as below: Smart Reservoir Security (Broaden To Public Early Warning System); Smart Transportation; Public Network Intercom. Through these comprehensive IoT solutions, IoT devices can self-report in real-time, enhancing effectiveness and bringing important information to the ThinkWill IoT device cloud more swiftly, ultimately guiding intelligent decision analytics and timely deployment.

Through introducing this digital transformation, the adoption of targeted IoT solutions can streamline business processes across manufacturing, supply chain, research and development, debugging, production, operation, maintenance, overall cost, etc., and help boost efficiency, profitability, and productivity. For the public, the early warning IoT solution can improve safety levels and minimize vulnerabilities through powerful live surveillance. In conclusion, the digital IoT solution creates new growth and optimization.

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