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router manufacturer,module factory

Shenzhen ThinkWill Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

  • ThinkWill is a leading high-tech company and a renowned router manufacturer in China, which was founded in 2008 to help accelerate the development of IoT.

  • We are not only an experienced router manufacturer but also well versed in the wireless technology of standardized and intelligent IoT modules, IoT solutions, technology development services, and cloud platform integration solutions. Being honored as the National High-Tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province Special & New Enterprise, Guangdong Province Value Contract & Credit Enterprise, ThinkWill has also approved by ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification.
router manufacturer,module factory
  • As a developed router manufacturer, we have developed products for different fields in wireless broadband access, public network intercom, sharing economy, security monitoring, electric energy, and smart transportation.

  • With a presence in over 10 countries, ThinkWill is a fast-growing router manufacturer and our fundamental vision continues to technically evolve in information and wireless technology to become the world's leading IoT terminal solution supplier.

  • We rely on the quality and expert R&D professionals to continue meeting our customer's needs and help industry customers improve their information level quickly and promote efficient operations. This places the ThinkWill group as a well-established and trusted router manufacturer.
router manufacturer,module factory,iot module

IoT Module Factory

  • The digital age and the demand for IoT modules and routers have seen the development of the ThinkWill group module factory over the last decades.
  • The company has designed and manufactured some of the most reliable and fastest networking modules on the market.

  • In our IoT module factory, we have developed the 4G router module, the data transmission module, the 5G router module, and the AI edge module.
  • Our module factory technology and expertise have designed and continue to implement IoT application modules and use data transmission connectors and application core software to create quality and reliable products.

  • At the ThinkWill communication module factory, you’ll get our LTE Cat.1 series and the LTE Cat.4 series. ThinkWill utilizes communication technology and our module factory capabilities and expertise in coming up with customer-oriented high-standardized or intelligent communication modules for building integrated IoT solutions for the terminal, management, cloud, and use.


  • Adhering to the core values of "honesty, professionalism and sharing", we should be a IOT enterprise with attitudes, quality and value.


  • As an IoT module factory, ThinkWill has comprehensive custom development capability, capable of multi-technology fusion application development such as wireless communication, eSIM, multi-mode positioning, WiFi, BT, NFC, sensing collection, and other needs. We can support deep and flexible application function development and rapid SDK implantation such as AI algorithms to enable deep product customization and rapid implementation.
  • ThinkWill provides downstream IoT solution providers with a full suite of integrated services, including upfront solution design, system-level performance optimization, and product certification support for IoT applications or devices.
  • Our supply chain gets a full inspection, implements an automated production process, and strictly enforces industry-standard test specifications. We support global bulk shipments with superior quality and fast delivery of 1-30 days.

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