eL220 Digital Walkie Talkie

ThinkWill creates portable and durable LTE 4G Walkie Talkies complying with the 3GPP MCPTT standards for wireless communication. The rechargeable Walkie Talkies possess Hi-Fi sound quality, ultra-low network delay, and GPS/GNSS positioning, an essential ingredient for the Public Network Intercom Solution.

ThinkWill has advanced wireless cellular communication technology capabilities to ensure communication quality and signal stability. Also, ThinkWill keeps optimizing 4G Walkie Talkies’ performance and improving their quality by tens of thousands of kilometers of measurement. ThinkWill equips a professional Test department and FAE department that can provide end users with timely and effective tech support.


4G LTE Public network PoC (Push-To-Talk Over cellular), one of the mainstream Digital trunking walkie-talkie technologies, is a wide-area trunking communication and dispatching service derived base on the public mobile network, which can realize wide-area trunking communication and dispatching service of voice, text, picture and video information.


What is the difference between PoC Digital walkie-talkie and traditional dedicated digital trunking?

PoC walkie-talkie does not need to build a particular trunking communication network, as long as it is linked to the LTE network of the common telecom operator and dispatching control center , it can realize trunking communication and dispatching service, which will not be subjected to the restriction of the network coverage,distance between group members, and the group number and the capacity of online groups.

ThinkWill’s PoC walkie-talkie EL220 solution breaks through geographical restrictions and can be docked to dispatching service platforms in operators’ public LTE networks to achieve a new model of flexible, agile, and efficient cluster dispatching collaboration. PoC Digital walkie-talkie series meets the job requirements of various types of practitioners in social governance, from simple voice and positioning to intelligent multi-mode, high-definition video, and other industry applications models are available. PoC Digital walkie-talkie can synchronize data transmission to the control center, the cluster dispatch center can understand the status of the scene in real-time, and command and dispatch to the scene, to achieve rapid and efficient stability maintenance and emergency response.

If you have to need to buy walkie talkie, EL220 is more cost-effective than a traditional analog walkie-talkie in terms of function and application scenarios. PoC digital walkie-talkie uses digital encryption to protect users’ information, which is suitable for some industries with high requirements for information security, such as civil aviation and railroad. Compared with the analog walkie-talkie, EL220 has the features of compactness and lightweight, strong anti-interference ability, better call sound quality , high-frequency utilization, longer standby working, good confidentiality, higher data broadband, support eChat professional trunking intercom, excellent human-machine interaction interface, etc., which is in line with the future development iteration direction of digital trunking communication. Undoubtedly digital walkie-talkie is bound to gradually replace the analog intercom, the future buy PoC walkie talkie the number of people will greatly increase.

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