Public Network Cluster

Public Network Intercom Solution

The public network intercom solution takes the LTE public network POC as the core technology independently innovated by ThinkWill Communication. This solution enables intercom on the Internet, optimizes audio & wireless performance, configures rich scheduling services, and facilitates fast deployment. The overall solution has kept continuously upgrading for over six years on the public network, system level, and tens of thousands of kilometers, suitable for most industrial applications. China Mobile is the main force in bulk shipments of the public network intercom solution.


Public Network Intercoms


  • Push-to-talk, fast calls and short delay;
  • Answers to calls, large call capacity, and simultaneous access to the called party
  • Support public network operation, sustain connection with operator IMS, and provide public network cluster services with QoS guarantee
  • Support virtualized platform deployment, support distributed load sharing, and remote disaster recovery, easy to expand and upgrade
  • Follow 3GPP MCPTT standard
  • Support end-to-end encryption system to provide a reliable and secure network operation environment
  • Support private network construction, deploy synchronously with iEPC and eNB, and provide private network cluster services with QoS guarantee

Research & Development

Technical Advantages on LTE Public Network Intercom Terminal

ThinkWill provides 4G and 5G public network intercom solutions and strives to create LTE Cat.1/Cat.4 intercom terminal solutions and services. ThinkWill also establishes a public network and private network interoperability scheduling platform, integrating the easy-contact scheduling protocols, and the private network protocols such as PDT, B-TrunC, DMR, and TETRA.


Applications in All Walks of Life

ThinkWill provides 4G public network intercom solutions that break geographical restrictions and support intercom on the Internet. The intercom solutions also integrate a cloud scheduling platform to achieve a new flexible and efficient cluster scheduling coordination mode, applicable in public services, governments, and various industries.

Extended Application of Public Network Cluster Solution

COVID-19 has highlighted the rigid need for public broadcasting in various crowd management and group scheduling scenarios, especially in large-scale public events. ThinkWill’s customized 4G IP speakers, wireless surveillance camera communication boards, and customer cloud platforms constitute an intelligent broadcasting service system.

In addition, ThinkWill also works with customers to jointly build an intelligent building elevator intercom and monitoring system, to further extend the application of the core technology of intercom.

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