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BPM01 Power Board
BPM02 Power Supply Circuit Board
BVE100 4G LTE Module
BVE11 IoT 4G LTE Module
BVE108 4G LTE Module
BVE16 4G IoT Module
BVE16-C/D 4G LTE Module
BVE200 Data Acquisition Module
BVE26 Data Acquisition Module
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With the onset of IoT in the wireless communication industry, IoT wireless communication module has become a drastic transformation to utilize IoT more effectively and facilitate communication among people, devices, and cloud platforms.

Based on profound Research and Development ability on wireless communication modules and extensive IoT applications, ThinkWill upgrades the plug-and-play IoT wireless module from classic communication modules and integrates a variety of elemental communication technologies and application standards to enormously help IoT devices to collect and exchange information, record and transfer data, providing better insights and strengthening efficiency.

The IoT WiFi modules are specially designed for general Internet of Things application modules, using standard data transmission connectors and core application software, creating a new code-free and development-free product form.

Why ThinkWill IoT Module?

With a qualified and skilled Research and Development team, ThinkWill prides itself on in-depth plug-and-play IoT module customization options that offer the IoT industry numerous benefits and value. And the IoT modules can outperform in the:

Reliability and Stability: ThinkWill wireless IoT modules provide one of the fastest and most stable data records and transmissions and apply big data analysis to massive volumes of data. Thence ThinkWill IoT module can offer reliable and excellent integration solutions.

Efficiency: ThinkWill concentrates on efficiency, and that’s accurately why our R&D team upgrades the plug-and-play IoT modules to offer IoT downstream customers excellent modules with stabilizing wireless baseband performance, convenient utilization, and a short development cycle to accelerate their informatization deployment at reasonable costs.

Quality Performance: ThinkWill implements fully-inspected automation production and stricter industry standard inspection specifications. ThinkWill IoT modules have been manufactured with the highest quality and most sophisticated technology to offer various IoT solutions. Also, ThinkWill is the earliest batch possessing independent research and development ability on wireless communication in China.

To meet the diverse communication needs of IoT solutions, ThinkWill has developed various contemporary IoT projects and related wireless IoT modules. One of the best IoT application modules is the IoT 4G routing module which implements the core concept of plug-and-play and self-networking to accelerate the deployment of IoT networks at low cost.

A good example of the IoT 4G routing module is the BVE11-B 4G SIM Card IoT LTE Module with 150Mbps WiFi and a maximum downlink transmission rate 150Mbps and uplink transmission rate 50Mbps under LTE category 4. Another remarkable example of the IoT 5G router module is the BVE52 WLAN/LAN Embedded 5G Modem Module with dual Ethernet port (1000Mbps).

Qualified IoT Module Manufacturer

ThinkWill is a renowned IoT module manufacturer that has enhanced wireless technology development services of standardized/intelligentialized IOT modules, IoT terminal, and IOT intergration solutions since 2014.

As a quality supplier that focused on IoT module, we have designed and manufactured a series of the best and fastest IoT modules as well as diversified IoT solutions to meet multi-scene wireless communication and IoT applications.

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