3G Wireless Communication Pioneer

ThinkWill launched the first 3G industry application module MW100 in the world to lead the development of tablet pc.


Pathfinder of 4G Wireless Communication POC

ThinkWill shipped out over 600,000 3G data cards to German operators and millions to Pacific Asia operators;

Invented the first 4G communication module in mass production domestically;

Shortlisted domestic operator bidding TOP 1 of the 4G CPE program;

Introduced the first 4G public network POC intercom solution, creating a new era of public network intercom.


China Chip

ThinkWill devised the single-chip 4G CPE on the basis of the inexpensive domestic chip, impelling our China chip to go to the public overseas and breaking through the blockade from foreign communication operators;

Released a series of CPE wireless routers and MiFi portable hotspot devices;



ThinkWill uniquely created the three-layer network interface breaking the fixed industry model, and the upgraded general-purpose modules went to the overseas market;

Designed a new generation of plug-in universal IoT modules, free of drivers and development, resolving the overseas market dilemma;

Produced the first mounted router module NET100 in the IoT industry, upgrading the IoT industry application mode.


IoT Solution

ThinkWill innovated the IoT industry application program and participated in the formulation of IoT industry safety standards, leading the IoT modernization;

Launched a range of universal IoT modules and the 5G IoT module received positive market feedback;

Implemented the active safety systems and product serialization projects for smart highways;

Formed the first IoT dual-channel backup link security and identity encryption authentication;

Developed the public/private integration cluster solutions.

January 1, 2015

Next 3-5 Years

Global IoT Solution Provider

♢ Establishment of IoT Industry Subsidiaries

♢ In-depth Cooperation with the Chip Supply Chain

♢ Deep Collaboration with Partners

♢ “Full Scene + Customization” New Mode to Build ThinkWill Ecosystem

January 1, 2015
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