WiFi Router Antenna

WiFi Router Antenna

Wireless router antenna is a special service for customers to better and more professionally match the development of WIRELESS ROUTER terminals. The antenna is a key accessory for transmitting and receiving wireless signals. It transforms the carrier signal propagating on the transmission line into an electromagnetic wave propagating in free space, or vice versa.


What are the types and characteristics of wireless router antenna?

For WIRELESS ROUTER, an external stick-mounted antenna is a flexible option for wireless router antennas. It usually comes with a custom-length coaxial cable that connects to the internal IoT module antenna SOCKET. external wireless router antenna part includes an omnidirectional antenna and directional antenna. Generally speaking, the glue stick antenna in the omnidirectional antenna is the most commonly used, as long as the range interval of the corresponding band parameters is selected, it can be used directly without additional matching debugging to reduce the overall expense. As a typical finished wireless router antenna, this antenna can accelerate the batch solution and rapid deployment of IoT terminals.

Relying on 20+ years of wireless RF design experience, the ThinkWill Communication’s R&D team not only provides customers with common standard antennas, but also includes professional antenna circuit wiring design guidance, and deeply supports overall RF performance evaluation and optimization during the whole R&D process. Diversified antenna solutions include onboard antennas and built-in/external multi-system (cellular, WIFI, GNSS, BT, NFC, etc.) matching antennas. At the same time, we integrate high-quality industry resources and join hands with many brand antenna manufacturers to provide professional antenna customization services to match the antenna solution with the highest antenna efficiency and RF standard for customers’ products and achieve the best cost performance of antenna customization.

1. Standard antenna and customization service for IoT components

The antenna connection of IoT components adopts a standard IPEX RF holder design, which is convenient to match the standard antenna and customized antenna of multiple systems.

2. Standard antenna and customized service for MBB terminal

Provide standard antenna and customized antenna for MBB data terminal of channel customer brand. To ensure the most optimized antenna efficiency, RF performance, and cost performance.

3. Application terminal antenna customization service

In-depth support for overall RF performance evaluation and optimization, including onboard antennas, built-in/external, and other multi-system (cellular, WIFI, GNSS, BT, NFC, etc.) multi-standard matching antennas.

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