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ThinkWill’s self-developed 4G CPE has witnessed continuous growth since its publishment. Following IoT market trends, ThinkWill’s 4G CPE configures four independent signal amplifiers to dramatically improves signal coverage, which provides long-range coverage and connectivity and solves the pain point of being unable to access the Internet at medium and long distances.

The portable 4G CPE allows high-speed WiFi connection and Ethernet ports for easy network coverage in residential and business applications, such as office buildings, meeting rooms, apartments, campuses, on-the-go, etc., offering fast Internet access anytime, anywhere.

Designed to optimize the transmit speed and reach the Internet anywhere and anytime, ThinkWill manufactures 4G CPE and 5G CPE for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.

With multiple configuration options, compact design, and capabilities of brand customization in bulk orders, we at ThinkWill have successfully catered to the global markets with our wide range of cellular CPE routers.

With a cumulative experience of decades and dominance in the wireless communication and IoT industry integrating the development, design, production, and worldwide sales, together with ISO9001 quality management system, ThinkWill is one of the highly reputed 4G CPE LTE router suppliers in China.

With a cutting-edge Shenzhen Headquarters of 2000㎡, two automated and semi-automated plants in Shenzhen and Huizhou, along with an innovative and experienced Research and Development team, we at ThinkWill can gain a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements and continuous appreciation of industry trends and developments, and cater to the customizations and bulk orders of 4G CPE and 5G CPE LTE routers.

ThinkWill wireless 4G CPE and 5G CPE have been widely used in M2M & IoT applications in smart vending & automated retail, digital signage displays, fleet management, WiFi bus, the financial sector, etc. Also, ThinkWill aims to provide reliable, cost-effective, and practical mobile connection solutions by striving to provide the best portable LTE routers in FWA / IoT field.

Advantages of Our 4G CPE and 5G CPE

♦ Various designs and capabilities can be used for specific applications and target markets

♦ Customization in terms of UI, Application, Function, Appearance, and global brand frequency

♦ FOTA support to keep the devices updated remotely

♦ Access to customer-centric protocols that are refined after years of innovation

♦ Innovation-driven manufacturing process handled by industry experts under the cutting-edge facility

♦ Get the latest 5g CPE plug-and-play devices and become market initiators

♦ The best working temperature of the product is -20°C ~ 60°C, and the storage temperature is -25°C ~ 70°C

Benefits of 4g CPE and 5g CPE to the end-customers

  • Supports multiple simultaneous connections for stores and business enterprises
  • Plug-and-play solutions designed for large workspaces and industrial sites
  • easy to carry
  • Perfect for outdoor streaming and browsing

Do you have any specific requirements or specifications that you wish to discuss? Get in touch with our brand representative and ask your question!

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