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ThinkWill devises an arrangement of IoT terminals to the changing IoT market demands and the continuous development of Internet of Things technologies. The IoT terminals are capable of perceiving and processing data in real time with the Internet or other IoT terminals via wireless or wired networks supported by the built-in 4G cellular module.

More than standard IoT terminals, ThinkWill also develops an online Device Cloud (OTA) for comprehensive and systematic management of the massive IoT terminals with the combination of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. It will make IoT terminals have enormous intelligence capabilities and interconnectivity to finish more complex tasks and bring more intelligent IoT solutions to various IoT application scenarios.

IoT Terminal

Data Collection, Data Processing, Data Storage, Data Transmission, Remote Control, Real-time Monitoring…

IoT terminal is the primary device in the new ecological model of IoT. Through its frame structure of collection-processing-storage-transmission, various external data can be acquired, processed, and transmitted to the designated management devices or control centers through various wireless transmission links. At the same time, IoT terminals can be remotely controlled through a network connection and monitor devices and environments in real time. It will optimize the statistical data analysis and intelligent decision-making.

Without the existence of an IoT terminal, the Internet of Everything will not exist. IoT terminal that meets the new ecology of the industry development occupies an indispensable position in the evolvement of IoT in thousands of application scenarios such as emergency communication, digital campus, smart transportation, intelligent water management, smart agriculture, IoT healthcare, etc.

IoT terminal is the comprehensive application terminal of the new ecology system of IoT. On the one hand, it bring about front-end data collection, pre-processing, and data transmission; on the other hand, it completes multi-processing functions such as platform data reception, analysis, distribution, and response execution of control commands from control center. Therefore, the IoT terminal will certainly test comprehensive ability of integrated multiple communication technologies and industry functions and the interoperability of the bottom layer protocols, and the professional design ability across multiple technology fields.


Based on its profound R&D experience in wireless terminal, ThinkWill provides cross-industry IoT terminal customization for comprehensive applications, such as public network cluster intercoms, smart ID-cards, ID-card readers, smart road sign, Anti-drowning warning devices, etc. ThinkWill has achieved cross-industry standard protocol interoperability and platform business collaboration while integrating diverse communication technologies and business function application technologies.


In the design and implementation of the IoT terminal, ThinkWill integrates a variety of peripheral sensing sensors, such as infrared sensors, environmental sensors, cameras, fingerprint meters, gyroscopes, G-sensor, etc. The data from these sensing devices are processed location and transmitted to the control platform through wireless broadband link. Through RFID, NFC, BT, WIFI, GNSS, and other communication technologies, the IoT terminal realizes the interconnection and interoperability of things-things and automatically completes the corresponding function response without more manual operation and intervention. Based on the completion of wireless communication protocols and communication functions, built-in basic network protocols and multi-application protocols, as well as the realization of one-stop collaborative business functions interoperability. This enables IoT terminals to have a better experience. 

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