ID Reader


RC10 ID Reader

Smart ID readers can quickly verify the authenticity and validity of QR codes and communicate to the management system for different response mechanisms. For instance, the smart ID reader can swiftly read ID/eID identity information, transmit it to the big data application platform, and effectively address verification of public epidemic prevention information such as health code, travel code, latest nucleic acid test report, vaccination status, etc., through the real-time display (desensitized real-name information), voice broadcast and other methods.

After years of strength in technical research and development, ThinkWill has masted the core technology of smart ID readers, including data acquisition, data processing, algorithm optimization, hardware design, etc., which can effectively respond to market demand and launch new versions that meet end-users needs. So far, ThinkWill has developed smart ID readers in identity authentication, access control, security inspection, and other application scenarios, widely used in government, enterprise, education, medical and other fields.

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