Smart Transportation

Smart City Transportation System

Establish A New Smart City Transportation System with Vehicle-Road-Cloud Collaboration

ThinkWill’s smart city transportation system closely integrates its communication technologies, AI core algorithms, IoT cloud platforms, innovative traffic safety IoT edge gateways devices, and other related IoT terminals to create a complete AIoT smart transportation system. This smart transportation system realizes holographic digitalization, facility network, coordination of management and control, and intelligent proactive early warning.

ThinkWill also builds a high-quality integrated smart transportation dispatching service system for vehicle-people-road facilities and the Internet of things to keep the road safe and clear, establishing a new ecological system for smart city transportation.

Team Advantages

Excellent Technical Team

ThinkWill brings together industry veterans and core personnel who have been in the communications industry, IoT industry, and smart city transportation industry over decades. They have a clear understanding and direction for these industries. They also possess a number of independent intellectual property rights and smart city public transportation solutions.

Autonomous Core Technology

ThinkWill devises the intelligent IoT edge gateway with independent intellectual property rights for road traffic safety. The core IoT cloud platform and the AI algorithm applied in smart city transportation combine to structure a brand new smart transportation system that can implement collaborative early warning and control for road traffic safety, making travel easier and traffic smarter.

Mature Software and Hardware Development

The intelligent IoT edge gateway deployed in ThinkWill smart transportation system solution adopts the self-developed mature IoT security gateway hardware. This IoT gateway merges core AI algorithm, application software, and IoT cloud platform, to closely integrate related IoT devices, communication technologies, systems, and applications. ThinkWill aims to create a comprehensive smart transportation system covering road network construction and intelligent gateway management.

Efficient Project Implementation

ThinkWill's project solution network is convenient and easy to deploy, along with continuous tech support and customer service. Several expressway projects have been implemented in Shenzhen, Shandong, Nanning, Guangzhou, Jingzhou, Guiyang, Nantong, Chengdu, and other provinces and cities, for example, the intelligent reconstruction and expansion project of the Tokyo-Taiwan Expressway from Shandong Tai'an to Zaozhuang section completed on September 28, 2021.

Abundant Industry Chain Resources

Upstream supported by core chip resources such as HiSilicon, UNISOC, ZTE Microelectronics, etc., and downstream backed by high-quality customers with more than ten years of cooperation, ThinkWill maintains a solid foundation for the construction of smart transportation through its unique industry chain integration capability.

A New Ecological System for Smart City Transportation

ThinkWill keeps focusing on the innovation of application technology and cooperates with customers engaging in the safety of smart city transportation, endeavoring to public traffic smoothness, road network construction, and the new extension for vehicle-road collaboration scenarios. ThinkWill also aims to boost a flexible, efficient, and intelligent comprehensive dispatching service system as an essential component for the new smart city transportation ecology.

IoT Edge Gateway

Industrial IoT Gateway R-A10
  • R-A10 industrial IoT gateway is an intelligent edge server specially designed for the rapid networking accessibility and collaborative control of front-end traditional industrial equipment in the construction of the IIoT. For example, in the smart city transportation system, the R-A10 industrial IoT gateway provides a network connection for the large-scale multi-functional luminous road signs and supports up to 3 link sensors connected to the cloud platform at the same time.
  • The R-A10 industrial IoT gateway can also dock to a positioning displacement warning system, map, road conditions, and other third-party SAAS platforms through the IoT cloud platform access.
  • Dimming Control
  • Support five-level automatic dimming of luminous road signs;
  • Control the auto-illuminated signs to turn off during the day and light up at night.
  • Extended Function
  • Remote control the nearby IoT edge gateway device R-A50 and small light-emitting road signs through the Lora gateway;
  • Connect to the early warning flash module R-S20 to control the small light-emitting facilities through the BLE MESH gateway;
  • Supports AC fault detection.

IoT Edge Gateway Device R-A50

R-A50 is a multi-functional and multi-port wireless intelligent IoT edge gateway device specially designed for IoT perception layer access.

For instance, in the smart city transportation system, the IoT edge gateway device R-A50 can provide local networking service and intelligent edge control for various roadside facilities, to finish the dynamic information report and the working status update of roadside facilities in a timely and effective manner.


Support dual-base or triple-base road condition information display;

Support collision alarm function

Industrial Gateway Edge Server R-A20

R-A20 industrial gateway edge server configures rich communication interfaces to be used as an IoT edge gateway in the industrial IoT architecture, such as a road safety gateway in the smart city transportation system connecting various roadside equipment to realize rapid networking access, and completing the control interaction between the data information and the IoT cloud platform to achieve the automatic control and remote maintenance of regional multi-device collaboration, finally to reduce the workload and cost of operation and maintenance.


R-A20 industrial gateway edge server can also real-time analyze and predict the dynamic information of vehicles on the road, such as traffic accidents, road damage, etc. via integrating data from various sensor devices, AI algorithms, and edge computing, to achieve regional early warning.

System Framework

Smart Transportation System Framework

Application Scenarios

Smart Facilities and Networking Implementation

Refined Real-time Management of Micro Public Transport

Due to the traffic status quo of urban roads at different periods, the unbalanced traffic flow in two-way or multi-way lanes is the main reason for traffic congestion. To solve this problem, refined micro public transport management has adopted various measures such as tidal lanes, variable lanes, and borrowed lanes.

This micro public transport solution realizes the global perception of roadside facilities by integrating communication technology and relies on the transportation facility management system to extract, convert, analyze and distribute big data, to achieve the dynamic adjustment of regional road traffic in time and space, furthermore, real-time control and intelligent induction.

Dynamic Speed Limit Signs and Dynamic Radar Speed Measurement Screen

With the improvement of urban service levels, the concept of a “quiet neighborhood” has been proposed in several core areas of cities. The deployment of “dynamic speed limit sign” and “dynamic radar speed measurement screen” can realize speed limit management by area and time, such as the roads near the school during the period of commuting to and from school, the peak hours of pedestrian activities in commercial blocks, to ensure the safety of pedestrian travel while ensuring the traffic flow and utilization rate.

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