UF21 Wi-Fi USB Dongle

ThinkWill portable WiFi dongle, namely a UFi device, provides 4G high-speed broadband applications in the traditional WiFi USB dongle, with cloud SIM technology, dual-network backup switching function, and more network and tariff options. The portable WiFi dongle can be movable anywhere, plug-and-play, convenient to use, and very affordable.

ThinkWill offers an array of pre-existing portable UFi devices that global telecom operators or brand owners can choose from or create custom UFi devices from scratch to meet their brand requirements. ThinkWill handles the entire production process, including design, development, and production, to an efficient, cost-effective, and customized manufacturing solution. Meanwhile, brand owners will be able to launch successful and highly-customized products on the market.


What Does a WiFi USB Dongle Do

Namely, a UFi device or portable WiFi dongle, the WiFi USB dongle is a super-mini simplified modem allowing wireless network access through switching 3G, 4G, or 5G data signals (according to your SIM Card data contract) by plugging it into a USB port. It is an indispensable companion for on-the-go or traveling.

Using a WiFi USB dongle is simple and easy. By plugging a universal USB port to be externally powered through a computer/laptop/power bank/car charger, together with a SIM card and cellular data contract, the portable WiFi dongle allows for the accessibility of the Internet from anywhere, anytime.

♢ UF21 4G LTE UFi Dongle
♢ UF22 Cat.4 LTE WiFi Dongle
♢ TypeC-elf Portable WiFi Dongle

ThinkWill devises a series of portable WiFi dongle which is perfect for working on the go. And the newest TypeC-elf can be powered through a Type-C port, which is more convenient for the mobile phone networking. The WiFi USB dongle comes with 150Mbps WiFi and can be shared with up to 8 concurrent devices.

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