4G Router Module


BVE100 4G LTE Module
BVE11 IoT 4G LTE Module
BVE108 4G LTE Module
BVE16 4G IoT Module
BVE16-C/D 4G LTE Module
TC20 4G IoT Module

The 4G IoT module is one of the 4G IoT application modules developed by ThinkWill. This 4G module implements the core concept of patch-free, plug-and-play, and driver-free self-networking, allowing IoT downstream users to shorten the IoT application deployment process and development cycle.

ThinkWill 4G IoT module adopts standard structural assembly, which will benefit the overall collocation of comprehensive IoT projects. The cost-efficient 4G LTE module sustains the ease of IoT networking deployment with low investment.

ThinkWill’s Innovation in 4G Module, 4G IoT Module, and 4G LTE Module

IoT is increasingly occupying the digital transformation with technological innovations coming out on a daily basis. While the 5G module is predicted to be the future mainstream IoT cellular module, the 4G module remains to be the most popular IoT WiFi module, with a majority implementation of IoT solutions still utilizing the 4G IoT module and 4G LTE module.

Philosophy Behind ThinkWill’s Innovative 4G Module Technology

While various brilliant minds are working on the 4G module, ThinkWill has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 4G IoT Modules and 4G LTE Modules because of the core concept of patch-free, plug-and-play, and driver-free self-networking. These 4G modules allow free manual driver installation and embed multiple Ethernet routing protocols, which can be easily deployed in diverse IoT network applications.

While this innovation in the 4G LTE module is a big step, the 4G IoT module has added benefits, such as shortening the application development process through standard assembly and industrial socket connection. The 4G LTE module by ThinkWill is also a cost-cutting finished function module that has finished 100% RF index calibration and final inspections before being delivered. It will significantly shorten the prototype publication and development cycle.

ThinkWill’s innovation in the 4G IoT module is evident from a series of 4G LTE modules available in bulk supply. Some of the most popular 4G LTE module products are:

BVE11-B 4G SIM Card IoT LTE Module

TC20-A/B Wi-Fi 4G Modem Module

BVE100 4G Embedded 150 M Router Module

BVE16 Wi-Fi Router 4G SIM Module

BVE11 4G LTE Router Wi-Fi IoT Module

Since its inception in 2008, ThinkWill has earned a reputation for itself not only through its “plug and play” core design strategy but also by providing cutting-edge, top-of-the-line 4G modules customization with the highest quality control standards.

With numerous achievements, a diverse 4G module portfolio, and ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification, ThinkWill 4G LTE modules can be the number one choice of downstream IoT solution providers for 4G modules in bulk supply.

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