Smart Reservoir Security

Smart Reservoir Security Integrated Early Warning System

The integrated early warning system of smart reservoir security combines various communication technologies, sensor collection applications, AI core algorithms, cloud platforms, front-end IoT edge gateways, and other IoT technologies. The early warning equipment features low power consumption by adopting solar energy as power supply and power storage, easily and quickly to deployment and operation.

Core Advantage

Easy Deployment

Monitoring radius distance > 300m, early warning radius distance > 150m, flexible multi-level warning distance; Electronic fence around the reservoir, 24-hour non-interference work, self-sufficient energy.

Timing Warning

Alarm broadcast, background warning, drive away via sound and light, break-in location report, clearly visible scene and evidence.

Efficient Maintenance

Automatic networked warning lever, visible on-site video, real-time fault reporting, remote equipment maintenance.

Quick Linkage

Real-time warnings from the control center, alarm broadcast, prompt on-site prevention, and quick coordinated rescue.

Early Warning Equipment


♦ Sound/light/remote broadcasting etc. multiple warning and drive-away methods;

♦ Millimeter-wave radar linkage early warning, triggering the camera to start the forensics mechanism;

♦ High-definition industrial-grade network surveillance camera, with photo/video capture/recording function;

♦ Real-time video preview/remote broadcasting via the web side;

♦ Video playback and snapshot corresponding to the warning event via the web side;

♦ Video storage for seven days forensic;

♦ WeChat applet (real-time monitoring / broadcasting / video screenshots);

♦ Cellular wireless network, WIFI, wired WLAN port communication ability;

♦ Remote control and detection, early warning facility configuration;

♦ Big data analysis (early warning events/number of people/period statistics/event statistics/expulsion times);

♦ Power supply system compatible with commercial power and solar charging;

♦ Intelligent face capture/comparison/result feedback/alarm information delivery;

♦ Device addition and management through the IoT cloud platform (electricity, working status, signal strength, online and offline time) / danger warning SMS notification;

Application Scenarios

Multiple Device Protocol Compatibility

The intelligent IoT gateway is compatible with multiple industry protocols such as Modbus, Profinet, CAN, etc., and opens up the early warning equipment protocol to realize the wireless networking of devices.

Intelligent Analysis at the Edge

The smart reservoir security solution analyzes abnormal intrusion on the edge side and processes alarms regularly. The IoT cloud platform implements centralized remote operation and maintenance management. Also, the intelligent IoT gateway supports access to the IoT cloud platform to realize centralized management, remote monitoring, and maintenance of transmission terminals.

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