Company Profile

Core Advantages

Core Team

ThinkWill's core team mainly comes from ZTE and Huawei. The professionals are the founders and authorities in the field of the mobile communication industry, those ever pioneered and guided the increasing development of mobile communications in China.

Industrial Resource

Over decades of accumulation in the core circle of the wireless communication industry and abundant upstream/downstream market resources, ThinkWill can conform high-quality industry chain resources as the groundwork for a router module factory.

Advanced Technique

From 3G Qualcomm platform to 4G domestic chip platform, ThinkWill is the earliest batch possessing independent research and development ability on wireless communication in China, thus smoothly transforming into an IoT router manufacturer and IoT module factory, with leading level design and shipment capabilities in the wireless communication and IoT.

Customization Capability

ThinkWill enjoys multi-integrated application development strength combining wireless communication and IoT technologies such as positioning, WiFi, BT, NFC, and sensor acquisition. Moreover, ThinkWill supports storage and OPENCPU application customization service through rapid implantation of industry AI algorithm SDK or API, to attain deep customization and rapid product development.

Service Ability

As a mature module factory and router manufacturer, ThinkWill develops extraordinary service abilities, for instance, preliminary solution design service, system-level performance optimization and certification support, and system-level application optimization service.

Supply Chain Management

ThinkWill implements fully-inspected automation production and stricter industry standard inspection specifications. Its efficient supply chain management ensures the open flow of data between ERP, OA, TMS, SCM, and other systems to ensure smooth front-end business. Its prompt delivery can be guaranteed within 1-30 days.

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