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MC22 Wireless Communication Module
MC800 Wireless Communication Module
ML7810 Wireless Communication Module
NET100 Wireless Communication Module

ThinkWill’s LTE modules have been highly appraised and trusted by worldwide customers and the wireless communication industry. Each wireless communication module has passed a strict quality control process and various performance tests to meet international standards and provide customers with secure communication guarantees.

ThinkWill continues to optimize the supply chain management and product quality control system, improves the efficiency and precision of LTE modules, and accumulates rich experience in the design, manufacture, and testing to quickly respond to customers’ customization needs.

Wireless Communication Module

From the first mass shipment of Qualcomm 3G modules to the first mass production of 4G modules, to the deep application of 5G industry application modules, ThinkWill has deep cellular wireless communication technology precipitation and M2M module innovation development and application capabilities, to provide customers with highly standardized/intelligent communication modules, as well as industrial applications of professional technical services.

Most of the modules used in IoT connectivity are wireless communication modules, especially the wide-area connectivity is referred to as LTE cellular network. Therefore, LTE module-based IoT connectivity is the basis for IoT terminal and communication “pipeline” establishment. LTE module integrates LTE chipset with complete LTE communication protocol and communication application function. At the same time LTE module such as highly integrated hardware and software module products, with simple applications, fast connection speed, good network coverage and compatibility, and high and stable data transmission rate. wireless communication module will be connected between things, things, and management platform, so that all kinds of IoT terminal equipment to achieve information transmission capabilities, but also to allow A variety of intelligent devices to achieve synergy and interaction with the platform applications, to achieve unique and innovative application scenarios function.


ThinkWill’s current main wireless communication module is divided into two categories: LTE Cat.1 and LTE Cat.4. They both have rich external interfaces, among which LTE Cat.1 module is mainly for low and medium-speed data transmission, supporting LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD network standard, which is the best alternative solution for the 2G module. The LTE Cat.4 module supports TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM and other cellular network standards and diverse reception functions to achieve medium and high-speed data transmission. Both types of LTE modules are full-featured wireless communication modules that support wireless packet data transmission, VOLTEe voice, GNSS positioning, MQTT protocol, etc.


Wireless communication modules are widely used in wireless terminal data products in various industries, such as vehicles Mobile monitoring, wireless network access, wireless meter reading, access control system, cell paging, industrial data collection system, identification, water security protection system, remote control system, bio-signal acquisition, hydrological and meteorological monitoring, robot control, public network trunking communication, digital audio, digital image transmission, etc.

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