5G Router Module


BVE51 5G IoT Module
BVE52 5G IoT Module

ThinkWill keeps innovation on the 5G module. The creative plug-in IoT 5G module seamlessly integrates 5G baseband communication chips and communication functions to module-level applications, further expanding the standard industrial interfaces and application protocols compared to the regular 5G module.

ThinkWill plug-in IoT 5G module simplifies the secondary development and final deployment of business infrastructures, crosses the threshold of advanced communication technologies for downstream IoT solution providers, as well as guarantees excellent stable wireless performance.

5G Module

The 5G module, also known as the IoT 5G cellular module, is an integral part of the 5G communication system, along with the key technologies of wireless communication networking in the loT system structure “end device, pipe link, cloud platform, application”.

The IoT 5G module is a successful integration of 5G baseband communication chip sets and communication functions, making the leap from chip-level design to module-level application and providing an implementable solution for 5G network infrastructure and ultra-reliable, low-latency, and high-speed connectivity for the various IoT downstream industry chain.


What is the difference between ThinkWill's BVE series 5G loT module and the conventional5G module?

Following the 5G Module, ThinkWVill released a series of universal plug-in 5G loT modules, the BVEseries loT module. lt further expands the SMD peripheral interface of the 5G Module to a standardindustrial plug-in interface, while the firmware software has built-in integrated application protocols andfunctions, great helping downstream partners in the loT industry chain to cross the professional 5G SMDModule-level secondary R&D threshold.

With a plug-and-play, the agile R&D model enables rapid cross-industry terminal development and guarantees the excellent and stable wireless performance of the 5G terminal, thus enabling users to quickly build new 5G products and business models, reducing investment in 5G R&D and greatly shorten 5G product development cycle.

According to the requirements of different scenarios, the 5G IoT Module can be widely used in various industries. Currently, the 5G IoT Module is mainly used in 5G high-speed wireless broadband access, AR/VR/XR, HD video broadcasting, video surveillance, smart medical, V2X, UAV, intelligent robotics, industrial interconnection, and other emerging industries and new business model innovations. 5G IoT Module is the core solution for innovative applications of the new form of global 5G Module.

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