Data Acquisition Transmission Module


BVE200 Data Acquisition Module
BVE26 Data Acquisition Module

ThinkWill data acquisition module is an LTE Cat 1 module with a standard mini size of 38mm (L) × 38mm (W) and maximum 10Mbps downlink rate and 5Mbps uplink rate. This plug-and-play data acquisition module can maintain outstanding stability and reliability of network connection and aims to make progress in application scenarios such as digital signage, car parking payment, kiosks, and security systems.

ThinkWill, being a leading IoT module manufacturer, has a core Research and Development team that mainly comes from ZTE and Huawei, together with an ISO9001 quality management system, and develops multi-integrated application development strength combining wireless communication and IoT technologies.

Data Acquisition Module

The 4G LTE data acquisition module offers network connection based on 4G-to-Ethernet conversion and is widely applicable in mobile communication networks. With the introduction of 4G LTE technology, the data acquisition module can provide higher data transmission speed and more stable Internet connection quality

4G LTE data acquisition module maintains multiple communication protocols, such as TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, PING, etc., bolsters diverse frequency bands, such as FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, etc., with many interfaces, such as USB, UART, SPI, etc. All these make a data acquisition module plug-and-play and easy to deploy.

In conclusion, the 4G LTE data acquisition module helps IoT terminals acquire and transmit externally collected data to the cloud application management platform more useful via the wireless cellular network and Ethernet connection.


Why LTE Cat.1 data acquisition module can replace the GSM module?

LTE Cat.1 data acquisition module with better wireless network coverage, more stable connection, and almost 3-4 times faster than GPRS in transmission rate. So that the LTE Cat.1 data acquisition module must become the best alternative to the GSM module.

ThinkWill has released the BVE series data acquisition module. It is a plug-and-play LTE Cat.1 universal component designed for IoT data transmission terminals. It has a standard IPC assembly hole pitch of 34mm×34mm and provides a rich interface, built-in MQTT/TCP/UDP, and other cloud platform protocols. The data acquisition module not only provides stable 4G cellular access and data transmission but also can optional configuration of various functions such as BLE MESH short-distance local self-connection networking, battery charging management, voice broadcast, and GNSS positioning, which can flexibly meet various M2M application scenarios requirement.

The BVE series data acquisition module provides a variety of standard plug-in socket connection interfaces to meet the traditional common sensing facilities to realize networking, and data acquisition storage and transmitting, while also making it easier and faster to deploy many application scenarios, such as security monitoring, data transmission DTU, unattended, shared equipment, tracking and positioning, smart water safety, smart agriculture, and smart city traffic, etc industry applications. broadband access, AR/VR/XR, HD video broadcasting, video surveillance, smart medical, V2X, UAV, intelligent robotics, industrial interconnection, and other emerging industries and new business model innovations. 5G IoT Module is the core solution for innovative applications of the new form of global 5G Module.

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