Smart ID Card


SC300 Smart Card Powered by Tuya


Smart ID card ushers in a new era of identity recognition and integrated management. It combines the features of digital and traditional identification and uses personal information to identify and authenticate cardholders through public-key encryption technology. Combining digital and traditional identity provides customers with a secure and convenient way to identify and manage their identity, improving security and flexibility. The Smart ID card just needs to be near the same range as the reader to identify and verify the identity without contact.


What are the advantages of ThinkWill's Smart ID card?

ThinkWill’s Smart ID card is an IoT terminal based on a variety of wireless communication, positioning, one-card payment, and other IoT technologies, which not only has an ultra-thin full-board design, highly integrated with full functionality, but also complies with multi-industry application standards. ThinkWill’s Smart ID merges LTE Cat.1 /WiFi Scan/BT/NFC. It can set four frequently used numbers for voice calls, instant messaging, broadcast, contactless clock in, pedometer, positioning, electronic fence, track review, recharge, and other functions.

Smart ID card is designed for people who need safety monitoring or behavior management (students, elderly, disabled, patrol workers, close contacts of anti-epidemic, etc.). It can provide remote safety monitoring, early warning anytime and anywhere, two-way voice call and text messages, convenient payment, emergency help, contactless clock, and other services.

In the intelligent campus application, the smart ID card is designed based on the integration of various wireless communication, positioning, payment, and other IoT technologies, forming an application system with a campus cloud platform and parent smartphone APP. It will realize integrated campus management, such as safety warnings, voice information exchange, convenient payment, attendance notification, and home-school interaction.

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