RC10 Smart ID Card Reader

4G LTE Cat.1 Smart ID Card Reader
Fast Health Information ID Verification
2.4 Inches LCD Display
2000mAh Built-in Lithium Battery
USB Type C Charging
Size 126mm * 74.6mm * 12mm

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RC10 Smart ID Card Reader



  • Epidemic Revention Data 
  • Portable
  • Data Security
  • MA Unique Identifier
  • ID Read


Accurate, Fast, Effective

  • Real-name protection and real-time data
  • 4G Cat.1 low-power consumption,  
  • built-in lith-battery for longer standby
  • AES256 encrypted data stream
  • One machine one code, traceable
  • ID card, resident permit, passport, eID


  • RC10 smart ID card reader is a personal health information scanning and detection terminal by reading the ID card or eID to (desensitized real-name information) display or broadcast health code status (green/yellow/red color), itinerary code, newest nucleic acid test result, and vaccination status, etc.


  • RC10 ID card reader adopts 4G LTE Cat.1 technology for lower power consumption and a more attractive unit price. Powered by a lithium battery with a long standby time, this ID card reader is fast to respond (within 3 seconds), pocket-sized, and portable to carry. RC10 ID card reader can facilitate health verification at the guarded gateway, especially for the elder and children without smart mobile phones.


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  • Mobile Payment
  • Access Control System
  • Ticket Sales
  • Medical Health
  • Entry Verification
  • Logistics Management
  • Public Security
  • Food Safety
  • Personnel Control
  • Education


  • Financial Field
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Checkpoint
  • Smart Security
  • Hotel Accommodation


Multi-scenario Application Make ID Card Verification Smarter and Simpler

  • Mandatory real-name scenarios to prevent fake and cheating.
  • Fast passage to avoid cross-infection in long queues.


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