ThinkWill Device Cloud (OTA)

ThinkWill Device Cloud

  • ThinkWill Device Cloud is the initial application of ThinkWill IoT cloud. At present, this device cloud mainly provides users with equipment status monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance, online remote upgrade, and other services of ThinkWill IoT terminals, furthermore, offers a complete IoT cloud platform integration solution to help industry customers quickly improve the process of informatization and operation efficiency, and actively promote the ecological construction and industrial layout of the IOT.

ThinkWill IoT Device Cloud Platform

Integrated IoT Device Operation Maintenance Management and AI Collaborative Control

Operation Maintenance Management

  • IoT device management configuration
  • Location, quantity, status query
  • Comprehensive information analysis and distribution
  • OTA (upgrade, eSIM authentication and activation)

AI Collaborative Control

  • Status control of facilities
  • Remote switch control, dimming control, etc.
  • Proactive reporting on collision or fault

ThinkWill IoT Cloud

ThinkWill Device Cloud

1. Full product lifecycle tracking from order → production / testing → delivery;
2. Product management;
3. OTA upgrade.

ThinkWill Application Cloud

1. Smart transportation application;
2. Intelligent waters management application;
3. More industry cloud applications.

AIOT Cloud Service

Menu-based code-free or low-code development services for overseas module products.

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