MCU Low-Code Development

Use plug-and-play loT modules and write a small amount of code to achieve product intelligence.

What is MCU Low-Code Development?

ThinkWill MCU low-code development service is mainly used for IoT devices with MCU as the main control to achieve product intelligence. Also, as a professional IoT module factory, ThinkWill can provide integrated IoT cloud modules. Developers only need to pay attention to the research and development of their products functions. By retrieving ThinkWill MCU SDK, one-stop product intelligence can complete smoothly, and the overall development process is efficient and convenient.


Low Code

Integrate the MCU SDK to easily accomplish the IoT device networking. No need to change the original MCU function code extensively.

Low Cost

Integrates Sink's cost-effective cloud module on the original hardware to achieve the IoT device's intelligence. No need to replace the main control chip.

Short Production Cycle

Schenker cloud modules and MCU SDK facilitate the module development of IoT devices and shorten the development and mass production cycle. No need to design, test, and calibrate complex radio frequency connection circuits.

Working Principle

free development and visualization of firmware solutions

Function Development Process

Visually select the data needed to report, issue, or execute online from the DataPoint collection, and then complete the definition of product functions effortlessly.

Adaptive Public Panel

Choose a panel that can automatically adapt to your product function definition according to your design or style preferences. And you can directly experience panel interaction and virtual debugging by scanning the smart control App and achieve product control without any threshold.

Visual Drag-and-drop Platform

The platform is a drag-and-drop visualized graphical panel which is aesthetical and simple, a facile user interfaces design and publishing tool. You do not need to be a professional in code development.

Visual Firmware Configuration

The configurable items such as pins will automatically load according to the selected module, which is convenient to adapt to the firmware JSON visual configuration tool of different circuit designs, structural designs, working environments, and other requirements.

Circuit Schematic

The platform provides a circuit schematic of the integral development board equipping Shinco modules, which saves you an amount of time and debugging cost of researching and designing the development board by yourself.

Machine Automation Testl

The ThinkWill Cloud Test App integrates the test case files of all no-code intelligent products. Bind the assembled finished equipment to the ThinkWill Cloud Test App to start the machine automation test with one simple click, and generate a stable, standard, and reliable test report.

Recommended IoT Device


By running ThinkWill’s intelligent no-code development service for product development, the cost is only concerned with the cloud module or PCBA. There is no additional cost like cloud authorization fees or development costs on the software. And you can get the ThinkWill standard SoC cloud module with complete firmware, or the ThinkWill standard PCBA.

According to the different needs of various equipment, ThinkWill provides an abundance of communication protocols and modules to choose from.

Basic Provision

The platform supports the purchasing quantity not only by bulk but also by a MOQ as low as 1PC for debugging. Each time received an order, the price center will calculate the number of the same model modules to evaluate and determine which ladder price can be adopted for settlement. The more purchasing quantity, the lower the unit price.

√ Support single module purchase
√ Support module bulk purchase
√ Support ladder price depending on quantity

Cooperative Customization

Welcome to join ThinkWill business and become our global partner. ThinkWill greets win-win strategic business cooperation and offers negotiable prices on some cooperative modules.
Please feel free to contact ThinkWill's global business leaders for detailed discussions.
√ Personalized docking
√ Strategic cooperation agreement
√ Negotiable price

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