6G Network: The Complete Beginner’s Guide (Part 1)

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6G Network Development


6G Meaning

As an upgraded version of the 5G network, the 6G network has not yet been precisely defined. However, the cellular communication industry predicts 6G will increase by at least ten times compared with 5G in bandwidth, delay, terminal accommodation density, etc.


6G network is not only the innovation source of future cellular communication technology but also the prerequisite for diverse IoT industry applications. The 6G network will be the new information infrastructure for the prosperity and development of the global economy in the next ten years or even longer.


6G Development


(1) From the perspective of space coverage, the future 6G network will be based on a unified network layer to realize the integration and coordination of various networks such as satellites, terrestrial networks, and other non-terrestrial network nodes and platforms.


6G network aims to build a complete coverage of air, space, land, and sea, break down the interconnection barriers of global communication networks, eliminate the digital divide between distinct regions, and support global ubiquitous access, especially the seamless coverage in inaccessible areas such as oceans, deserts, and outer space.


(2) From the perspective of user experience, in the future 6G network will provide plug-and-play and industry-standard interfaces to provide instant connection services. 


6G network will provide a ubiquitous connection experience and build a world where everything is intelligently connected, under a higher service rate, higher reliability, and higher mobility, so as to furnish a seamless and continuous user experience.


Instantaneous Speed

(1) From the perspective of delay, the 6G network will support lower end-to-end delay based on further enhancement of network architecture and key wireless technologies, covering air interface delay, network delay, processing delay, etc. 

6G network will encourage holographic communication, VR/AR games, high-definition live broadcasts, and other scenes to bring users the ultimate immersive experience.


(2) From the perspective of speed, the 6G network will be far greater than that of 5G, including peak speed and user experience speed. Through an abundance of spectrum resources and the innovation of wireless air interface technology, the 6G network rate is expected to reach ten times or even a thousand times compared to the data rate of the 5G network to support ultra-large capacity, ultra-large bandwidth, and ultra-high speed, thereby remarkably improving network performance and bringing ultimate user experience.


Energy Efficient

On the one hand, the high-efficiency 6G network will accelerate the energy-saving transformation of major IoT industries. In order to meet the development requirements of the 6G network, the wireless communication industry has begun to focus on multi-access convergence, low-energy sensing equipment for pan-terminals, intelligent wireless air interface technologies, and so on.


On the other hand, intelligent network architecture and infrastructure will help the 6G network achieves energy-saving and high-efficiency goals. Sharing can improve network performance while providing a consistent user experience. To a certain extent, network sharing will improve the overall efficiency of the large-scale 6G network. 6G network will need to realize multi-party sharing of wireless resources, infrastructure, network functions, and capability platforms on an efficient and sustainable basis.


Reality Twin

(1) In terms of transportation, the 6G network will apply wireless communication signals to provide real-time perception, obtain real information about the environment, and generate ultra-high-resolution images, to achieve a centimeter-level positioning accuracy of environment reconstruction. Also, the 6G network can accurately perceive surrounding environmental objects and their motion statuses, such as pedestrians, bicycles, and baby carriages, to provide high-precision real-time perception services and create a believable and safe traffic environment.


(2) In terms of medical health, the 6G network will use digital twin technology to acquire the mapping of people from the physical world to the virtual world. Accordingly, intelligent medical and health services can predict human health, behavior, and emotions in advance and contribute more to a human being’s healthy life. 


(3) In terms of education, based on 6G, digital twins, and other technologies, it is also possible to implement individualization and intelligence in education in accordance with personal characteristics and aptitudes.


Immersive Holographic

(1) From the perspective of the network, 6G provides a way of real-time interaction and rich data sources for immersive holographic technology by possession of a higher transmission rate, lower timing, more reliable network performance, as well as the acquisition and sensory interconnection on sensory information, user behavior habits, and environmental information. 

(2) From the perspective of user experience, the immersive holographic experience is a highly immersive and natural interactive business form that deeply meets the needs of human beings for communication with people, objects, and the environment. The immersive holographic experience will be widely used in many fields, such as culture and entertainment, medical health, education, social production, etc., without the limitation of time and space.  


Synaesthesia Multidimensional

(1) According to the communication, the real-time collection and intelligent processing of multidimensional sensory data may become the essential capability of the 6G network. The fusion of sensing and communication and the efficient interconnection of smart terminals will help accelerate the clear vision of synaesthesia interconnection.


(2) According to the perception, a breakthrough will come out in the field of emotional interaction and remote intercommunication between humans and machines after rich multidimensional data collection, such as hearing, vision, touch, smell, taste, behavior, and environmental characteristics, fuse with 6G network and other application technologies.    


Smart Inclusive

(1) For the network itself, the future 6G network will have end-to-end perception and learning capabilities, understand user needs, and accurately describe user service characteristics. Therefore, the 6G network will intelligently match the best resources to ensure service quality. 6G network can also use AI technology to predict network performance and user trajectories, upgrade independent network optimization and impose intelligent control such as wireless resource management, mobility control, business grooming, and network energy saving.


(2) For user experience, the 6G network will provide various AI capabilities and new AI applications, such as virtual assistants, work assistance, content creation, etc., which will particularly help users improve their work efficiency.


Safe Reliable

(1) From the perspective of network operation, the 6G network will have a more flexible and scalable security architecture, dynamic self-adaptive security capability, intelligent and independent security decision-making, cross-domain collaborative security control, and an open and harmonious security ecosystem, and comprehensively improve network manageability, control, security capabilities.


(2) From the perspective of user experience, the 6G network will be more secure and reliable, adequately protect user privacy, improve business security capabilities, and then promote comprehensive informatization and business integration of society, production, and life.


Sure Reliable

Digital transformation is a general trend of global economic development. And a reliable mobile communication network is a critical infrastructure to stimulate digital transformation. Future mobile networks can satisfy the extremely high requirements on network delay, reliability, and stability of intelligent industrial manufacturing, smart grid, and Internet of Vehicles, thereby enriching the application scenarios of mobile networks.    


Flexible Open

The 6G network is a multi-modal network for different industries and application scenarios, which determines that the 6G network must be flexible and open. Support on-demand orchestration, deployment, elastic scaling, and intelligent dynamic routing of user traffic to adapt to various differentiated needs and empower thousands of industries.



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