ThinkWill 4G Router Module, Plug and Play, Quick Start Without Development

4G router module is one of the most popular communication solutions nowadays. With the 4G router module, developers quickly implement smart products with 4G functionality. 


The ThinkWill 4G router module integrates a SIM card slot, 4G chipset and antenna etc. Developers can directly use the built-in AT commands of the chipset to configure the basic 4G connection. Compared with traditional development boards, 4G router modules have a higher coupling degree and greatly shorten the development cycle.


Most 4G router modules provide 30 days or more of free firmware upgrades, allowing developers to periodically download the latest firmware to fix bugs and security loopholes. This completely saves software development and maintenance efforts afterwards.  



With ThinkWill 4G router module, developers can directly integrate it into various products like smart home appliances, security devices and Industrial equipment to give them high-speed Internet access and remote management capabilities without designing new circuits. Products launched later also do not need frequent firmware adjustments.Typical applications of 4G router modules are as follows:


  • IoT devices. With 4G router modules, various IoT devices can be endowed with networking and remote management capabilities. They are mainly applied in industrial control, smart homes, smart appliances, smart city construction, etc.


  • Security and video devices. 4G router modules can provide network connectivity for security devices and video surveillance devices, allowing real-time data uploads to the cloud.


  • Robots and intelligent devices. Networking via 4G router modules can realize functions such as remote control, OTA firmware and application updates for robots and intelligent devices.


  • Automotive and avionics. 4G router modules can be used in automotive electronics, vehicle networking devices as well as avionics for remote control, monitoring, and diagnosis.


  • Industrial communication equipment. In the energy sector and other industrial applications, 4G router modules can be used in SCADA, DCS and other industrial communication systems to provide communication basics for equipment networking.


  • Medical devices. 4G router modules can provide convenient network communication capabilities for various medical devices, enabling remote monitoring, data collection and telediagnosis of medical equipment.


4G router modules have been widely used in many intelligent devices, industrial control devices and emergency equipment to provide convenient and high-speed network access and device networking management for all walks of life. Their applications are becoming more and more extensive.


The cost of 4G router modules is relatively stable, usually below 30 US dollars. Compared with self-designed modules, a lot of hardware and software development costs can be saved.


Overall, ThinkWill 4G router modules allow developers to truly “plug and play”, avoiding development headaches and frequent firmware updates. It can help developers launch smart products with 4G network functions as soon as possible to gain first-mover advantage in the market.


If you need to develop more complex 4G functionality, developers can also develop applications based on 4G router modules to fully unleash the potential of 4G networks. 


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