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BVE52 5G IoT Module
BVE52 5G IoT Module
BVE52 5G Modem Module
BVE52 5G Embedded Module
BVE52 5G IoT Module
BVE52 5G Modem Module
BVE52 5G Embedded Module

BVE52 WLAN/LAN Embedded 5G Modem Module

  • Pluy-in IoT 5G Modem Module
  • 5G \ 4G \ 3G WWAN Embedded Module
  • Dual SIM with eSIM on Board
  • Dual 1000M WLAN LAN Port
  • GNSS Positioning
  • Size 68mm(L) × 48mm(W)

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BVE52 WLAN/LAN Embedded 5G Modem Module



  • Plug-and-Play
  • 5G \ 4G \ 3G WLAN Integration
  • Industrial-grade Connector
  • Multi-Interface for Multi-Scene
  • Integrated RF Design, Stable Performance
  • Build-in Standard Protocols Such As MQTT/TCP/UDP...
  • GNSS High-Precision Positioning
  • Global Bandwidth / UI Customization



  • BVE52 is a functional 5G modem module designed as plug-and-play for IoT/eMBB applications based on ultra high-speed 5G sub6 supporting both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA), and the 4G LTE Cat 16 data rate. The 5G modem module supports the 5G / 4G / 3G wireless broadband data transmitter and configures dual 1000M Ethernet ports to accomplish Wi-Fi and WLAN interoperability.


  • BVE52 5G modem module possesses innovative hardware, worldwide operator frequency band, rich device interfaces such as USB / RS232 / LWAN / SIM / eSIM, power supply, I/O control pins, etc. The 5G modem module also integrates GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo) for rapid and precise positioning.


  • Via built-in general standard network protocols and flexible software function development in multiple OS (Windows / Linux), BVE52 5G modem module supports nearly all mainstream operators internationally, a perfect industrial-grade module for industrial and commercial applications.


  • The 5G modem module is applicable in diverse digital information communication fields, such as video broadcast, UAV, intelligent healthcare treatment, smart city, power management, broadband connectivity, security monitoring, and other application scenarios requesting the rapid deployment of high-bandwidth data communication. Also, BVE52 5G modem module is an ideal option for globally deployed IoT devices such as industrial routers, home gateways, STBs, industrial PDAs, and digital signage.


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Frequency Bands

5G Band 4G Band 3G Band

LB: n5/8/20/28; MB: n1/3

HB: n7/38/41/77/78/79

FR2(mmWave): NA

4x4 MIMO: n1/3/7/41/77/78/79

LB: B5(18/19/26)/8/20/28

MB: B1/3/4/66

HB: B7/34/38/39/40/41/42/43/48

4x4 MIMO: B1/3/66(4)/7/41/42 

WCDMA: B1/4/5/8


We welcome worldwide wireless communication/telecom operators or IoT project contractors to inquire more on BVE52 WWAN embedded 5G modem module about global frequency band customization, customized UI/Application/Function/Appearance service, etc.



Smart Transportation

  • Traffic Management
  • Security Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring

Medical Health

  • Telemedicine
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • Medical Imaging Diagnosis

Game Entertainment

  • Live Broadcast
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality


Digital Twin

  • Smart Education
  • Intelligent Building
  • Industrial Automation

Internet of Vehicles

  • Automatic Driving
  • Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication
  • Vehicle Remote Monitoring

Wireless Access

  • Wireless Broadband
  • Wireless Home Network
  • 5G FWA




Cloud Gaming

BVE52 WLAN/LAN Embedded 5G Modem Module to Cloud Gaming

BVE52 5G modem module strongly supports the high speed and mobility of cloud games, effectively shortens the game delay,  and reinforces the hardware performance and computing power on gaming terminals to maintain a smooth gaming experience. The powerful 5G module can bolster the innovation of cloud game content, game mode, and interactive experience between virtual objects and realistic scenes together with VR/AR technologies for an impressive immersive gaming experience.



BVE52 WLAN/LAN Embedded 5G Modem Module to Smart Farming

BVE52 5G modem module sustains IoT sensors, robots, and high-definition cameras for real-time detection and dynamic adjustment of the farming environment, real-time monitoring of poultry growth status, disease prevention and control, remote management of farms, etc., to improve the refinement level and productivity of smart farming. In detail, aquaculture can use the 5G network supported by a 5G modem module and monitoring equipment to acquire and transmit data such as water temperature, water quality dissolved oxygen, and illuminance, build water quality prediction models, then adjust the oxygen content of the breeding pond, the ratio of input materials and other values, thereby establish a suitable farming environment.

Smart Farming


BVE52 WLAN/LAN Embedded 5G Modem Module

Basic Parameters


68mm(D) × 48mm(W)

Working temperature

-30℃ to +70℃

Power supply

5V-16V, Type@12V/1A

Storage temperature

-40℃ to +85℃


5G antenna



Dual SIM with eSIM on Board 1.8V and 2.85V auto-detection

GNSS antenna



sleep/wake-up contral pins GPIO (detail in manual)




WAN&LAN dual-port, 10/100/1000 Base-T


3/5line optional(3.3vTTL)


Reset Factory settings


both, 100/1000 Base-T


Power/Net *1


English (other language customized)



Network Configuration

5G Wireless standard

3GPP 5G NR standard


2.4G, 1T1R (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)

5G Wireless performance

Transmitting Power and Receiver Sensitivity Conform to standard of 3GPP 5G NR standard

WiFi TR Power

17dBm in 802.11b; 14dBm in 802.11g; 13dBm in 802.11n

5G Wireless Data Rate

5G SA Sub6: DL2.12Gbps, UL900Mbps

5G NSA Sub6: DL2.5Gbps, UL660Mbps

LTE CAT16: 1Gbps(DL), 150Mbps(UL)

WCDMA Rel8: 42Mbps(DL), 11Mbps(UL)

WiFi Data Rate

11Mbps in 802.11b 

54Mbps in 802.11g 

150Mbps in 802.11n


L1: GPS / Glonass / Beidou / Galileo

L5: GPS / Beidou / Galileo


 WAN&LAN dual-port, 10/100/1000 Base-T

BVE52 WWAN 5G Modem Module

Q: How Will 5G Impact IoT

A: 5G network will remarkably improve the overall performance of IoT devices, creating more market potential for IoT:

  • Faster data transfer supported by the 5G network means IoT devices will be able to react much more efficiently.

  • Lower latency means reducing the delay between sending and receiving information and enhancing the effectiveness of IoT devices.

  • Abundant bandwidth indicates increased device capacity to sustain more IoT devices and give more space for IoT growth in the coming years.

  • Improved network reliability represents a more reliable daily operation and stable connection, which is especially important for IoT devices like public/private intercoms, security cameras, and healthcare appliances.


Q: How 5G Will Revolutionize Manufacturing

A: Manufacturing is one of the industries benefiting the most from the 5G network. Manufacturers can take advantage of IoT solutions supported by the 5G network more effectively to optimize systems, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. For instance, real-time tracking and monitoring could monitor equipment, get important information, and analyze that data to know the best times to perform maintenance tasks or replace equipment.


Q: 5G Module Market Share

A: The global 5G module market size is predicted to garner a revenue of $468,271.9 million in the 2021–2028 timeframe, growing from $7,400.0 million in 2020, at a healthy CAGR of 70.8%. Quoted from Research Dive.


— In the B2B sphere, total revenue for 5G IoT modules will increase from about USD 180 million in 2022 to almost USD 10 billion by 2030. Cited from McKinsey.


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