BVE11 Mini PCB for dongle

插入式 4G LTE 路由器模块
Wi-Fi IoT Cat 4 模块
4PIN 以太网端口
2.4GHz 150Mbps Wi-Fi
尺寸 38mm (L) × 38mm (W)
组装孔 34mm (L) × 34mm (W)

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BVE11 4G LTE Mini PCB 加密狗



  • 即插即用
  • LTE Cat.4 全网通 Wi-Fi 物联网模块
  • 丰富的外设接口
  • 150Mbps WiFi
  • USIM 热插拔
  • 10/100M网口自适应
  • 断线检测,自动重连


  • BVE11 是 ThinkWill 设计的即插即用 Wi-Fi 物联网模块,用于快速排列物联网应用程序。集成的4G LTE路由器模块具有无SMT和无开发的便利性,通过提供稳定的蜂窝Wi-Fi和WLAN接入,满足用户在多样化的M2M和物联网场景下的多场景需求。


  • BVE11 Wi-Fi 物联网模块配备以太网 USB 端口 RS232 等多种外设接口,是一款成品功能模块,大大简化了产品开发周期。BVE11 Wi-Fi物联网模块的外观结构和接口符合IPC行业要求,采用工业级标准连接器和线缆,极大地方便了视频监控、安防监控、4G无线路由器、无人值守、共享设备、商用显示设备等需要高速数据传输和快速部署的应用场景等无线通信物联网行业的利用。





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我们欢迎全球无线通信/电信运营商或物联网项目承包商向BVE11 Wi-Fi物联网模块咨询更多有关全球频段定制、定制UI/应用程序/功能/外观服务等的信息。




  • 共享设备
  • 移动POS
  • 自动售货机


  • 充电桩
  • 智能电网
  • 电表


  • 工业 DTU
  • DTU
  • 消费类路由器



BVE11 4G WiFi IoT module helps to accelerate the development process of numerous IoT device: 





IP Camera Video Surveillance

BVE11 4G IoT Module to Wireless IPC

BVE11 4G IoT module configures fixing hole 34mm x 34mm under IPC standard structure. Through the IPC cable with a 4PIN network cable, 4PIN power cable, etc., the  4G IoT module can connect to an RJ45 network cable and provides the plug-and-play IoT device upgrade and system integration function.


Industrial Production Scene
Collect videos and images of the production line and run AI analysis.


Construction Site Monitoring
Real-time monitoring, automatic video uploading to the superior supervision department for unified management;
Support private video server deployment.


Decor Construction
Real-time monitoring and remote supervision supply for customers or managers;
Quick deployment and dismantlement.


Vehicle Monitoring
Record and upload the videos inside and outside during the driving process to facilitate remote supervision;
Furnish uninterrupted and stable connection during vehicle operation.



BVE11 Cellular Router Module to Wireless Industrial Router / DTU / RTU

BVE11 cellular router module configures built-in WiFi and Ethernet, also, a variety of industry-standard connector interfaces. To develop the IoT devices, you may just supplement a power supply and interface expansion board to test and finish the customized IoT device quickly, such as a wireless industrial router, DTU, RTU, etc.

Portable Router CPE



Mobile Hotspot for Laptop Mobile

BVE11 Mobile Router Module to MBB Terminal / WiFi Router

BVE11 mobile router module matches the industry-standard peripheral interface and power board, to facilitate the evolvement of diversified mobile broadband devices like 4G CPE, battery MiFi, and WiFi hotspot UFi with a low threshold.



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