BVE51 Cellular SIM 5G Module

Plug-and-play IoT 5G LTE Module
Integrated 5G 4G 3G SIM Cellular Module
Dual SIM with eSIM on Board
Single 1000M WLAN Port
GNSS Positioning
Size 60mm(L) × 38mm(W) × 17mm(H)

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BVE51 Cellular SIM 5G LTE Module



  • Plug-and-play
  • 5G 4G 3G WLAN Integration
  • Industrial-grade Connector Port
  • Multi-Interface for Multi-Scene
  • Integrated RF Design, Stable Performance
  • Abundant built-in standard protocols such as MQTT/TCP/UDP …
  • GNSS High-Precision Positioning
  • Global Bandwidth / UI Customization


  • BVE51 5G LTE module is a principal routing function component in the IoT/eMBB application from ThinkWill and supports 5G NSA and SA/ 4G / 3G wireless communication standards at the same time.


  • Accompanied by a single Gigabit Ethernet port to amalgamate wired WLAN and 5G cellular connectivity, along with the 4×4 MIMO technology, this 5G LTE cellular module can sustain quick and stable Internet access and large data transfer for rapid IoT deployment. This IoT 5G LTE Module does not support mmWave 5G frequencies yet.


  • In addition, the BVE51 cellular 5G LTE module comprises copious application ports of USB UART LAN linked by standard industrial connectors implementing plug-and-play mode to faster match disparate application scenarios and equipment upgrade deployment. The wireless IPEX RF socket of the BVE51 5G LTE module also facilitates more consistent wireless performance.


  • BVE51 5G LTE module has built-in rich software functions, standard routing network protocols, and cloud platform connection protocols, supporting the interoperability of multiple application systems (such as Windows / Linux / Android). The 5G LTE module can be widely used in various ADICT application fields, such as live video, drone, intelligent medical, smart education, smart city, new energy, broadband access, security monitoring, AI recognition, and others requiring high-bandwidth data communication and rapid deployment.


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Frequency Bands

5G Band 4G Band 3G Band

LB: n5/8/20/28

MB: n1/3

HB: n7/38/41/48/77/78/79

4×4 MIMO: n1/3/7/41/77/78/79

LB: B5(18/19/26)/8/20/28

MB: B1/3/4/66

HB: B7/34/38/39/40/41/42/43/48

4×4 MIMO: B1/3/66(4)/7/41/42

WCDMA: B1/4/5/8


We welcome worldwide wireless communication/telecom operators or IoT project contractors to inquire more on BVE51 cellular SIM 5G LTE module about global frequency band customization, customized UI/Application/Function/Appearance service, etc.



Broadband Access

  • CPE / MiFi
  • Live Video
  • Family Entertainment

Smart Transportation

  • Vehicle-Road Coordination
  • Traffic Remote Control
  • Autonomous Driving


  • Industrial Gateway/Router
  • Robotic Arm
  • Industrial Robot


New Energy

  • Intelligent Grids
  • Distribution Control
  • Equipment Patrol


  • AI Biometrics
  • Telemedicine
  • Drone

AI Tracking

  • AI Navigation
  • Trajectory Control
  • Safety Fence



Video Surveillance

BVE51 Cellular SIM 5G LTE Module to Video Surveillance

BVE51 5G LTE module combines with an AI camera to help public safety, government supervision, and law enforcement of safe production, public safety, speeding vehicles, illegal operations, face recognition, vehicle recognition, etc., through real-time intelligent monitoring. The data center can timely and accurately know the condition for real-time early warning and intervention.



BVE51 Cellular SIM 5G LTE Module to Smart Education

BVE51 5G LTE module joints with AR/VR technology to achieve immersion teaching, which improves students’ cognition and understanding through visual display and enhances educational entertainment through virtual simulations of experiments. Meanwhile, BVE51 5G LTE module can improve the management of intelligent campuses through the real-time collection, analysis, and management of campus facilities, resources, environment, etc., and flexible scheduling of energy systems such as hydropower and air conditioning.

Smart Education



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