SC300 Digital Smart Student ID Card

4G LTE Cat.1 Smart Student Card
LTE / WiFi / RFID / NFC / GPS Multi-functional Integration
Ultra-thin Digital Student ID Card
Rechargeable Battery Power Supply
Size 100mm * 61mm * 9.7mm
Management Powered by Tuya

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SC300 Digital Smart Student ID Card







Digital Campus / Smart Campus


As the Internet and IoT evolve, the digital campus has considerable potential for development, for example, the fundamental structure of campus Internet, a teaching system containing online classes and learning, and an e-Teacher. Higher education is also beginning to launch private websites for community data acquisition and information release.


And SC300 digital smart student ID card is an indispensable tool for student management in the digital campus system. The digital student ID card is a consolidation of calling, GPS positioning, SOS one-key call, electronic fence, track query, attendance, mobile payment, library card, canteen card, calendar, notice announcement, class schedule, alarm clock, and other functions. The smart student card is an all-in-one smart device that can meet the daily needs of students.


In China, most digital smart student ID card deployments belong to industry projects. It is suitable for the joint implementation of operators and local system integrators.


The digital student ID card adopts the LTE Cat.1 communication standard and integrates with Beidou satellite positioning, LBS hybrid positioning, RFID, and additional Internet of Things technologies. This smart student card focuses on services for primary and secondary school students, providing family-school communication, safe positioning, and convenient life management.


The digital smart student ID card attached to the IoT management platform provides an information-sharing service for schools, parents, and classmates, dedicated to realizing grid-based big data management, which will ultimately help schools and parents accomplish an efficient communication mechanism and jointly protects the safety of students.





Digital Elderly Care

As the degree of population aging is soaring, transforming scattered pension resources to centralized, accurate, and efficient supply can be one of the optimal amelioration for digital elderly care. This digital ID card is a handy and cheap wireless tag for the government to implement centralized and unified management. This IoT tracking device supports pre-written elder information for community identification, one-key phone calls to simplify communication operation, and GPS tracking at low power consumption in case of missing.


More importantly, a comprehensive IoT platform will apply for data acquisition and transmission, extensive data analysis, etc., dedicated to helping public decision-making and overall management. Meanwhile, a smartphone applet is open to families for tracking and presetting alarm. More functions and tentative plans are welcome customizations for effective elderly care.




Smart Employee Badge / ID Card

Smart identification is in increasing demand in the Smart Office market. This digital ID badge features rewritable, contactless, multifunctional, and portable. Its related lightweight IoT platform can be open to different corporate users and partners to manage and customize.


Companies can deploy digital ID badges embedded with availability on punch-in, authorization, access control, business trip, employee welfare subsidies, park payment and settlement, etc. through connecting third-party SaaS applications. It will allow employees to enjoy wireless convenience and encourage paperless offices regarding environmental protection. A contactless ID card is also safer during the continuation of the epidemic.


Smart Campus Management System

SC300 Smart ID Card Campus Management System



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