BVE16 Wi-Fi Router 4G SIM Module

Cat.4 4G SIM Module
Plug-in Network Router Module
4PIN Ethernet Socket
2.4GHz 150Mbps Wi-Fi
Size 38mm (L) × 49mm (W)
Assembly Hole 34mm (L) × 34mm (W)

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BVE16 Wi-Fi Router 4G SIM Module



  • Plug-and-Play
  • LTE Cat.4 Full Netcom 4G SIM Module
  • Abundant Peripheral Interfaces
  • Single Ethernet Port, 10/100M Adaptive
  • 150Mbps WiFi
  • Disconnection Detection, Automatic Reconnection


  • BVE16 4G SIM module with multi-interface and main global bandwidth is especially invented for plug-and-play IoT applications. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet, based on LTE Cat4 standard, structure and interface inheriting from the IPC industry standard, this Wi-Fi router module integrates the three kinds of network and freely converts to offer reliable, faster broadband access and rapid deployment of application scenarios.


  • BVE16 4G SIM module supports global frequency bands customization per operators’ application solutions. It also supports the rapid development mode and software integration function of open CPU, applicable to many M2M fields, such as video surveillance, data transmission DTU, sharing economy, and other data communication scenarios that require rapid deployment.


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Frequency Bands

China & Southeast Asia Europe & Africa Asia Pacific Middle East America

LTE: B1/3/5/8/38/40/41


GSM: 900/1800






We welcome worldwide wireless communication/telecom operators or IoT project contractors to inquire more on BVE16 Wi-Fi router 4G SIM module about global frequency band customization, customized UI/Application/Function/Appearance service, etc.



Smart City

  • New Retail
  • Shared Device
  • Mobile POS


  • CCTV Monitor
  • IP Broadcast
  • Alarms


  • Smart Grid
  • Smart Tracking Card
  • Charging Pile




Industry Automation

BVE16 Wi-Fi Router 4G SIM Module to Industry Automation

BVE16 4G SIM module enables fast and efficient data collection, transmission, and communication of IoT terminals to the cloud or data center. It will benefit the process of instructions and data, real-time remote monitoring and control, view and analyze the operating status, and find and solve problems in time. Also, the 4G SIM module can provide data encryption and authentication to ensure the security and reliability of data transmission.



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