BVE100 4G Embedded 150M Router Module

Plug-in Cat.4 150M Router Module
Maximum 150Mbps(DL) 50Mbps(UL)
4G LTE Embedded Module
4PINs Ethernet Socket
2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Size 38mm (L) × 38mm (W)

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BVE100 4G Embedded 150M Router Module



  • LTE Cat.4 Full Netcom 150M Router Module
  • 150Mbps WiFi
  • Three SIM Cards Cutover (USIM/eSIM)
  • USIM Hot Plugging
  • Network Port 10/100M Adaptive
  • Disconnection Detection, Automatic Reconnection


  • BVE100 is a 4G embedded 150M router module with a maximum 150Mbps download and 50Mbps uplink data rate in a brand new SMT-free and code-free development product form. This 150M router module aims for the rapid realization of IoT wireless connectivity and then serves numerous M2M and IoT application devices via 4G / Wi-Fi / WLAN accessibility. Supplementary peripheral interfaces such as Ethernet USB RS232 are also allocated to satisfy the forthputting in diverse application scenarios.


  • The appearance structure and interfaces of the BVE100 150M router module also follow the IPC industry standard, and adopt industrial-grade standard connectors and cables to accelerate rapid deployment of IoT terminals and application scenarios, for instance, security monitoring, wireless mobile router, shared economy, vending machine, industrial DTU, smart tracking cards, waters management, and various medium-to-high speed wireless data communication application scenarios.


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Frequency Bands

China & Southeast Asia Europe & Africa Asia Pacific Middle East America

LTE: B1/3/5/8/38/40/41







We welcome worldwide wireless communication/telecom operators or IoT project contractors to inquire more on BVE100 4G embedded 150M router module about global frequency band customization, customized UI/Application/Function/Appearance service, etc.




  • Security Monitoring
  • Unattended
  • Tracking and Positioning


  • Smart Grid
  • Charging Pile
  • Solar Application


  • V2X
  • Smart Logistics
  • Traffic Control




Security Video Surveillance

BVE100 150M Router Module to Wireless IPC

BVE100 4G IoT module configures fixing hole 34mm x 34mm under IPC standard structure. Through the IPC cable with a 4PIN network cable, 4PIN power cable, etc., the  4G IoT module can connect to an RJ45 network cable and provides the plug-and-play IoT device upgrade and system integration function. Achieve full network coverage no matter indoors, outdoors, or in remote areas.



BVE100 150M Router Module to Wireless Industrial Router / DTU / RTU

BVE100 150M router module configures built-in WiFi and Ethernet, also, a variety of industry-standard connector interfaces. To develop the IoT devices, you may just supplement a power supply and interface expansion board to test and finish the customized IoT device quickly, such as a wireless industrial router, DTU, RTU, etc.

Wireless Industrial Router



Mobile Hotspots  for Business

BVE100 150M Router Module to MBB Terminal / 4G Routing MiFi Device

BVE100 mobile router module matches the industry-standard peripheral interface and power board, to facilitate the evolvement of diversified mobile broadband devices like 4G CPE, battery MiFi, and WiFi hotspot UFi with a low threshold.



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