TC20-A/B Wi-Fi 4G Modem Module

Cat.4 4G Modem Module
2.4GHz 300Mbps Wi-Fi
ESIM USIM Card Support
Antenna IPEX 4G 2T2R
Size 80mm (L) × 60mm (W)

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TC20-A/B Wi-Fi 4G Modem Module



  • LTE Cat.4 4G Modem Module PCBA
  • Standard Connection for Plug-and-Play
  • USB / RS232(RS485) / RJ11 / I2C / GPIO
  • GNSS High Accuracy Positioning
  • Built-in General Protocols (MQTT/TCP/UDP…)
  • Support FOTA and Custom UI
  • Free To A Variety of ID Designs 


  • TC20-A/B is the highly integrated Wi-Fi 4G modem module of ThinkWill Communication not only for the PCBA of hot-selling 4G LTE CPE but also used as an industrial router or DTU to accomplish networking and data transmission functions. Combined with an additional built-in integrated 100M network port, this 4G modem module can offer a commercial and diverse 4G wireless Internet access solution. It also supports battery charging, GNSS positioning, and other application functions.


  • Equipped with plentiful network standard protocols and abundant standard interfaces such as USB / RS232 (RS485) / I2C / GPIO control, etc., TC20-A/B 4G modem module can be widely used in various DICT application fields, such as industrial DTU, wireless routing, security monitoring, and other medium-rate data transmission scenarios.


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Frequency Bands

China & Southeast Asia Europe & Africa Asia Pacific Middle East America

LTE: B1/3/5/8/38/40/41







We welcome worldwide wireless communication/telecom operators or IoT project contractors to inquire more on TC20-A/B 4G modem module about global frequency band customization, customized UI / Application / Function / Appearance service, etc.




  • Industrial DTU
  • WiFi Router
  • 4G CPE

IoT Terminals

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Industrial
  • Smart Medical


  • Remote Meeting
  • Remote Control
  • Distance Education




TC20-A/B Wi-Fi 4G Modem Module

  TC20-A/B 4G modem module is a finished development board for a portable wireless router or WiFi CPE device. It is easier to design your brand CPE router device.


  Also, this 4G modem module supports various OEM and ODM assuming the operator has branded demand. Variants can be vertical or horizontal in product form, 300Mbps / 150Mbps WiFi, internal / external LTE antenna, with / without built-in lithium battery. And here the finished product TC20 4G SIM Card Router CPE Wireless.


  ThinkWill’s engineering team can offer superior customization services with their specialty in IoT and wireless communication industry.



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