Shenzhen Municipal Government Leaders Visited ThinkWill for Guidance

On the afternoon of June 30, 2022 a special service team led by Hu Gengxiang, Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, visited ThinkWill to get a better understanding of our company.



During the visit, Mr.Hu visited the company’s exhibition hall and had a comprehensive understanding of our Communication Module, IoT Module, Wireless Router, IoT Terminal, Comprehensive Solutio, ThinkWill Device Cloud, and so on. Our company made an introduction and explained that in the next 3-5 years, our company will focus on building a new model of IoT “Panorama + Customization” and aim to become a global IoT terminal and industry-integrated solution provider. The new mode of IoT “Panorama + Customization” refers to the panoramic integration mode from the module, terminal, and industry, and the new mode of customizable new products. In other words, we provide “Chip, Communication Module, IoT Module, Wireless Router,IoT Terminal, Comprehensive Solution, ThinkWill Device Cloud “The team of the special service team also provided detailed information on the service.


In addition, the special service team also understood our company’s business situation and revenue changes in recent years, and gave answers on the spot to our company’s demands for financing guarantee, industrial space, talent support, employment guarantee, procurement and bidding, government services, epidemic prevention, and control, comprehensive business needs and other aspects of future development, and accurately conveyed to our company the government’s current policies for enterprises, and provided detailed guidance to our company on how to handle them. We have effectively achieved “one enterprise, one policy” personalized service.



Finally, the city leaders also visited the office area and laboratory, fully affirmed our company after 15 years of technical precipitation, accumulated 3G-4G-5G wide area network communication chip technology, with communication + multi kinds of technology integration and fusion development strength, especially the 2019 innovative design of plug-and-play IoT components series products break through the industry technical barriers, to achieve a new plug-and-play mode without patching and development. mode, reducing the threshold of industry application terminal design. The city leaders praised us for adopting all domestic chips and successfully exporting the large-scale application of domestic chips to overseas markets by exporting IoT components.


To better help our company’s development, the special service team went deep into our company and made a comprehensive and detailed understanding and analysis of our current situation. They praised our company’s rich product form and our innovative spirit of tireless and continuous search; they also helped us to solve the practical problems we encountered in our operation and encouraged us to grow bigger and stronger. Under the leadership and help of the government, we will continue to be practical and move forward.


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