ThinkWill on the List of “China’s AIoT Industry Panorama Map in 2020”

2021 will start a new year. On January 7th, the “2020 AIoT Industry Year-end Ceremony” was grandly held in Beijing. It has released the industry “2021 China AIoT Industry Panorama Map” and AIoT major industry reports. ThinkWill is honored to be on the list with its 12-year wireless communication technology and application technology and service strength.

ThinkWill provides integrated solutions and services for IOT with profound communication technology and applications, empowering thousands of industries to transform and upgrade. Products and services cover:

Plug-and-play IOT application functional components and modules;

Global mass shipment of 4G CPE&MIFI, 5G terminal R&D;

IOT industry converges terminal design and manufacturing;

Digital trunked intercom integrated solution for public-private communication;

ThinkWill Cloud and integrated system integrated services.


ThinkWill is on the List of "China's AIoT Industry Panorama in 2021"


ThinkWill’s products and services continue to expand and extend vertically in the fields of broadband access, sharing economy, security monitoring, electric energy, vehicle tracking, mobile payment, and cluster intercom. Smart traffic security products and systems have been implemented to serve many national first-level highway systems, and second-level highway application systems continue to extend and cooperate in development.

The company has accumulated high-quality resources in the core circle of the industry, has an optimized cost supply chain, and can achieve fast delivery within 1-30 days. The products strictly follow industry standards, and the production process is fully automated and fully inspected to ensure professional quality and performance.

ThinkWill was established in 2008, Be honored as the National High-Tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province Special & new enterprise, Guangdong Province Value Contract & Credit Enterprise, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certification was also awarded, and has a number of patent rights and software copyrights, and the products meet the series of qualification certifications such as CE, FCC, and network license.

ThinkWill is on the List of "China's AIoT Industry Panorama in 2021"


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