ThinkWill won the High Growth Enterprise Award and the Exquisite Product Award of AI Tianma

As a star enterprise in the Internet of Things industry, ThinkWill Communication won the High Growth Enterprise Award and the Exquisite Product Award of AI Tianma in this selection by virtue of its high-speed growth ability and hard-core technical strength.


Under the guidance of China New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy Research Institute, sponsored by Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, and undertaken by Guangdong Future Industry Research Institute, the 2022 AI Tianma certification is voted online and offline by manufacturers, design institutes, distributors, engineering companies, end customers, and media practitioners. At the same time, authoritative experts comprehensively reviewed the growth, sustainability, technology accumulation, industrialization, innovation capabilities, and many other indicators of shortlisted companies. In the end, the winner list of the 2022 AI Tianma High Growth Enterprise and Exquisite Product Award came out in recognition of the outstanding Internet of Things enterprises and related products of the year. The selection process is rigorous, and the criteria are used to demonstrate the industry’s approval of the strength of the award-winning companies.


High Growth Enterprise Award and the Exquisite Product Award of AI Tianma


ThinkWill Communication has been in the Internet of Things industry for 14 years. With its deep foundation of wireless communication technology and flexible customization design capabilities of various innovative application terminals, ThinkWill provides many industry customers with digital transformation solutions combining END – PIPE – EDGE – CLOUD – USAGE integrated system architecture and AI multi-level integration of IoT industry. After years of development, ThinkWill has gradually grown from an IoT hardware supplier to an IoT comprehensive solution provider with underlying development capabilities and system-level flexible customization capabilities. The self-developed terminal application solutions such as cloud store closures and electronic ID cards and small-scenario system solutions such as public safety and urban waterlogging prevention and early warning have been applied and taken shape in IoT property management, smart agriculture, IoT scenic spots, smart transportation, smart waters management, smart municipal and other fields.


The selected creative BVE11-B plug-and-play IoT cellular module has a package that breaks through the traditional LCC/LGA pin shape, free of SMT. The interfaces adopt universal standard connectors and screw-hole positioning assembly. The innovation aims to reduce the technical barriers of communication and artificial intelligence applications to IoT downstream customers.


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