Think Will unveiled at the exhibition hall of the China Public Institute for Urban Safety

Emonstration of results of integrated urban security risk monitoring and early warning

In order to better promote the digital construction of emergency management, expand new technical ways and solutions, and explore the intelligence of urban public safety and disaster prevention and mitigation early warning management, the Shenzhen Urban Public Safety Research Institute, together with dozens of enterprises in the fields of public safety, disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency management and other industries, will hold a one-month exhibition of the results of integrated monitoring and early warning of urban safety risks, selecting representative innovative technologies and scenario solutions in the fields of urban public safety and disaster prevention and mitigation to showcase the latest digital products and industry application solutions.



Shenzhen Urban Security Institute 

Shenzhen Urban Security Institute (SUSI) carries out industry application research, common technology development, results transformation and industrialisation of innovative applications for each link of the city’s emergency security industry chain, and is committed to building a comprehensive platform integrating monitoring and early warning, emergency response consultation, public service, industry collaborative innovation and transformation of scientific research results, to provide support for the construction and development of public security in the city in an all-round way. Shenzhen City Security Institute upholds the concept of “people-oriented science and technology”, always puts the interests of the people in the first place, aims at the inherent requirements of emergency management modernisation, and is committed to rapidly cultivating and building an artificial intelligence ecosystem. It shoulders the mission of promoting the upgrading and transformation of emergency management information construction, continuously improving the scientific, professional, intelligent and refined level of emergency management, and deeply supporting urban safety.


Demonstration of thinkwill’s urban flood monitoring and early warning system



Thinkwill has been selected for this on-site demonstration of intelligent urban flood monitoring and early warning solutions. The project is a one-stop system solution integrating front-end flood sensor monitoring, edge computing and on-site control, multiple wireless and wired transmission networks, as well as a cloud platform for application management and emergency scheduling, which demonstrates the latest technology applications and future development direction of the flood monitoring system, with on-site simulation demonstrating the whole process of actual application scenarios, which impressed the visitors. The whole process of actual application scenarios, so that visitors have a strong interest and deep impression, leaders at all levels intuitively feel the effectiveness of the innovative applications, have a high degree of accuracy of the programme monitoring, early warning and feedback fast, high efficiency of the collaborative characteristics of the programme; the timely discharge of the risk of safeguarding the lives of the people to give the value of approval and affirmation.


Introduction to the Urban Flood Monitoring and Early Warning System



Extreme weather is frequent, and serious flooding occurs from time to time in low-lying areas of cities, tunnel entrances, etc., posing a serious hazard to traffic and life safety. Along with the increasing maturity of digital technology, it is particularly important to digitally transform and upgrade the existing warning methods and monitoring mechanisms to issue early warning information and remove dangerous situations in a timely manner.



Thinkwill, using digital sensing, edge computing and control, wireless transmission, cloud computing and other advanced technologies, independently developed a set of easy to waterlogging sections of the city flood monitoring and early warning system.



Through the edge computing analysis, rapid completion of the front-end local warning decision-making and implementation, control of the LED display, sound and light alarm plus voice broadcasting equipment, combined with the system preset alarm level, start the sound and light alarm voice broadcasting, intelligent reporting on the dispatch of rescue and other functions, synchronous alarm notification management platform to achieve remote monitoring and control, monitoring accuracy is high, and the early warning feedback time is short.



The management platform is equipped with a variety of statistical analysis functions: displaying the list of current alarm events and equipment details; graphical analysis of the total number of alarms, time distribution, and the proportion of alarms at all levels of analysis. -The platform solves the customer’s worries about system security and “necking”.



It injects a strong dose of “cardiotonic agent” into the scheduling and control of traffic, the personal safety of drivers, the operation and management of roads, and the security mechanism of society. From the system platform to a full set of monitoring instrumentation products, from product supply to a full set of system operation and maintenance services, Shinex Communications provides multi-scenario public safety early warning system, with all-round, full-cycle digital information as the basis for scientific decision-making, and builds a lifeline barrier for the city’s “last kilometre”.


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