ThinkWill participated in IOTE 2020 Shenzhen International IOT Exhibition

On July 29-31, the 14th Shenzhen International IOT Exhibition was grandly opened at Futian Convention and Exhibition Center! This is a grand event focusing on the latest developments and innovative applications of the basic technologies and industrial application solutions of the Internet of Things.

ThinkWill was invited to participate in this conference as a senior wireless communication solution provider, and it was also the first brand new public appearance after Schenker Communications fully transformed into an integrated IoT solution and technology service provider. The main products on display include 4G universal modules, 4G security modules, 4GPOC modules and various IoT terminals and solutions. The total IoT solutions include:

  • IOT communication cloud module and standard board
  • IOT industry application terminals and solutions
  • IOT industry integrated cloud service solution

ThinkWill one-stop IoT solution attracted many visitors. Here, whether it is a communication module or an application board; whether it is a standard wireless terminal or a customized terminal for the Internet of Things industry application; as well as to cloud device management and intelligent application integration services, you can find yours at the main booth of our ThinkWill The solutions and services needed.

ThinkWill main display products include 4G universal modules, 4G security modules, and 4GPOC modules. Among them, the innovative plug-and-play IoT standard board has also become the brightest “star” in the booth! Professional accumulation, integration of multiple communication mechanisms; at the same time with standard peripheral interfaces, built-in standard application protocol, standard size and standard wireless performance; everything is only for the convenience of customers, to minimize the prototype application development cycle, with the fastest Speed gives users the most intuitive real experience.

ThinkWill years of experience in industry application products and services have provided partners with a full range of product development and application integration services. The smart application terminals exhibited by the partners have aroused the interest of many visitors and interacted with robots enthusiastically.

ThinkWill made a stunning appearance at this IOTE event and ended perfectly, winning the deep recognition of the majority of industry customers, telecom operators and investors. After the exhibition, they visited the company for inspection and negotiation, and reached a number of project cooperation intentions.


ThinkWill IOTE2020 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition ends perfectly


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